This web site was started in March 2014 by Chris M. Dickson and aims to be a comprehensive guide to exit games, escape games, locked room games, puzzle games, puzzle hunts and more in the UK and Ireland.

In June 2016 he handed it over to the current webmaster, Ken Ferguson, to maintain. Many thanks to all the contributors, credited in each article as appropriate, and to Mark Greenhalgh for the excellent logo. This is a non-commercial site, with no revenue streams; you can find further details of where and how we draw the line at our site policies page. I keep updating the site as a labour of love, not for the money. If you run an exit game, or a puzzle event, you can make me very happy by telling me all about it in advance. Send me photos, send me stories, send me behind-the-scenes gossip, send me inside information!

If you have any corrections, or if you have information about any other exit games or puzzle events that we don’t yet feature on our site, please send e-mail to or use the form below.

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