Where in London could the next exit game be?

London skylineLondon plays such a vast role in the UK economy that it comes as no surprise that it can sustain two exit rooms already. The two there already are both very successful, jostling with – of all the things – the Brick Lane Music Hall in the top 3 list of TripAdvisor’s reviewers’ London attractions.

It possibly should also be no surprise that it could well be the location of a third and quite possibly many more exit room sites; compare with Budapest having 44 exit room games and the rest of Hungary 22. Escape Hunt is open in Bangkok and lists London as a location in which it will have opened by June; I like the ambition and look forward to following other locations’ progress along the way.

I did enjoy reading plans to start an underground farm deep below the surface of London, in one of apparently eight deep-level bomb shelters built in the 1940s. That strikes me as potentially an extremely atmospheric location to situate an exit game!

The Wired article suggests that “There have been occasional requests from ambitious club promoters to host parties in the tunnels, but the lack of appropriate fire escapes makes it an unfeasible venue” – and, I fear, that might rule them out for ever hosting exit games. Nevertheless, perhaps this might not be an insurmountable problem after all, and the returns could be spectacular!


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