Coming to London: A Tail of Two Cities

"YOU have found CONEY" logoExciting and unusual news! The storied interactive theatre company Coney have started a Kickstarter project entitled A Tail of Two Cities: Adventure 1. Quoting the description:

A Tail Of Two Cities is a series of surprising performances which take the audience on a journey through the financial district of a city, exploring our beliefs, roles and relationship to the economic crisis. We’re gathering stories from those working at the heart of the financial system, and from those living on its margins, to craft a world into which the audience will step.

Adventure 1 begins with a phone call that might feel like magic, and a parcel that arrives for you in the post. From there, you’ll find your way to a secret location on the edge of the City of London, where the adventure really begins. […]

We already have the core resource to make a basic experience for audiences to play, with a little telephone magic. But we would love to turn Adventure 1 into a truly magical adventure for the audience, with performers hidden in plain sight for players to encounter, background stories researched comprehensively, and a rich sound design for… well, that would be telling – just trust that it will be worth it.

There are further hints about the meaning of the title, and the nature of covert play in general, discussed on their Who Has Got The Tea Bag? page. (Up Jenkins!)

A Kickstarter pledge of £10 gets you an experience with the telephone magic. Double that and you’ll also get “a tiny artefact that unfolds to reveal the secret behind Coney’s practice”. However, the big one, for £150: “You’ll be led on a little adventure that happens wherever you are, at a mutually convenient time. It will start with a phone call, and continue on a journey to somewhere nearby.”

The project needs £3,000 to fund, and it’s reached just past half-way with nine days to go. On the balance of probabilities, with the way Kickstarter works, particularly with the reputation that Coney have worked so hard to build up, it’s very likely to make it, possibly in October. Also coming up from Coney, look out for a possible further outing for Early Days (of a better nation) during Parliament Week in November.

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