Treasure Hunts in London

Treasure Hunts in London logoThe most observant readers might have spotted a new addition to the site’s links page. This site was recently contacted by the proprietor of Treasure Hunts in London, whose treasure hunts sound exciting. There is also a blog with invitations to upcoming hunts that instantly leapt onto this site’s blogroll, with some events jumping straight onto this site’s events calendar.

Coming up as soon as 2pm this Wednesday, i.e. 30th July, Treasure Hunts in London are organising a Southwark Treasure Hunt, starting at (but not associated with!) Southwark Cathedral. By happy accident, this is the same starting-point as DASH 6 three months ago, but the event seems to offer a complementary sort of challenge to the London leg of the global hunt.

Quoting the organisers: “This is an outdoor Treasure Hunt with a literary theme, covering the area from Borough High Street to the Millennium Bridge. Unravel cryptic clues and photograph funny assignments while exploring this interesting and historic part of London. The meeting point (…) is the Refectory at Southwark Cathedral, near London Bridge, London SE1 9DA. You will need a smartphone/digital camera to complete the photo challenges. The hunt takes around 2 hours and will end at a nearby pub for a drink, a chance to announce the scores and award prizes.Tickets are £10 each and must be purchased in advance. Everyone gets a clue pack and pen. Prizes are awarded to winning team.

Sadly the news came just too late, but there was a counterpart hunt in Chingford on Saturday; this site hopes to feature more information about that hunt, and other past events to give you a flavour for the event, before much longer. Additional events are expected to be announced soon; looking much further ahead, there will be a Trick or Treat 2014 Halloween Treasure Hunt starting at the British Museum on the Saturday before Halloween, which will be October 25th.

The proprietor has a hard-earned and enviable academic record in the field of event management, plus a demonstrated flair for the dramatic, all of which points to the organisers knowing both the theory and practice of how to put on a show. Definitely one to watch and this site looks forward to bringing you more information about treasure hunts in London… and beyond!

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