Coming soon to Leeds: Locked In Games

"Locked In Games" logoAnother pleasant surprise reached this site earlier today as Locked In Games got in touch, discussing the site that they are opening in Leeds. It looks like they’ve got a long way through the process.

Their site details the two hour-long games with which they will open, and they both frankly look a little creepy. (Not necessarily outright scary.) The teacher overseeing the Classroom of Doom game has a smile so wide she could eat you in two bites, if her hairdo were not unsettling enough, and the little girl sat on a tuffet, or at least a chair, looks like she is taking the name of the Nursery Nightmares game rather literally. The photos of what else might be found in the room hint at things being ever so slightly awry.

In e-mail, the site suggest that they are hoping to open for Hallowe’en, appropriately enough, and indeed their booking system is set up to take bookings from the 31st onwards. The pricing is a very reasonable £15/player for 3-player teams, £14/player for 4-player teams and £13/player for 5-player teams; it’s not yet clear whether that’s an introductory price, or whether there might be further promotional opening offers as well. (Rest assured that if news arrives, there will be a post with great delight.)

The game is set on the first floor of an old mill, which sounds like a very atmospheric location, though this may make the game inaccessible for the less mobile. If you can take advantage, though, this may well be an unsettling treat!

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