Coming soon to York: GR8escape York

GR8escape YorkRushing, rushing, rushing, can’t give this exciting announcement the coverage it deserves. Back onto the horse after the sad news of a couple of days ago; as one door closes, another opens.

On Monday (as in tomorrow, Monday 27th October) a new exit game called GR8escape York is set to open right in the centre of the titular city, a few doors down from the sneakily very good York’s Chocolate Story attraction. The site has no connection to The Gr8 Escape in Belfast, or the forthcoming The Great Escape Game in Sheffield. It will open with one room, entitled the Spy School Room:

So you think your team has done well to get this far, well think again. It’s time to take your final challenge. Hidden somewhere within the room is your spy school graduation diploma. You will need to work as a team and take nothing for granted. Make sure that you search everywhere and don’t miss any clues or hints. You only have one hour to find the combination to the safe that contains your teams final graduation diploma.

Is your team good enough to graduate from spy school or will you fail at the final hurdle.

It’s a little distinctive that the target is to find the diploma within the hour rather than to escape, but certainly distinctive in a good way. It’s a one-hour game for a team of 3-5 (though the site suggests 2-6 on the FAQ page…?) with the regular price being £48 for three players, £58 for four and £68 for five. However, the first thirty teams to book using promotion code “Time is Key” get to play one by the end of November for £30 all in.

Lots of exciting things happening in the North at the moment; delighted to know about them!

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