Could there ever be a smart voucher scheme for exit games some day?

Blank purple voucherTonight’s Christmas shopping came as a reminder of the prominence of voucher schemes. A little research reveals that the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association, a trade body not previously known to this site, claim that the voucher market for their UK members alone is growing still and might be worth two billion pounds in 2014.

Looking further, considering Red Letter Days, Leisure Vouchers, Virgin Experience Days, the Great Days Out scheme in Ireland and doubtless many other competitors, none of them seem to permit you to use your vouchers to play exit games. This seems a strange omission. You can get all sorts of other exciting experiences which might be considered competitors of exit games (ropes courses, bungee jumping, driving, spa days and so on…) but this site cannot find any exit games which have signed up to the scheme yet.

Are site operators missing a trick here? Is this item number 283 on operators’ “get around to it some day” lists? Have site operators considered it and rejected it – for instance, are the voucher companies pains to deal with or do they charge excessive fees? Some exit games list stag and hen parties as possible categories within “Who is this game for?” lists, and this site has seen at least one company form a partnership with a stag-/hen- party company, which seems like excellent practice. If you’re looking to use a reseller like that, perhaps these experience voucher companies might be worth investigating as well. (Surely they would likely lead to teams of more, er… sober players!)

Taking this further, would it make sense for there to be an industry-wide exit game voucher scheme? The principle would be that you could get a voucher which every exit game in the scheme would accept in exchange for a booking for a certain number of people, at a location that happens to suit you. The obvious criticism is that different sites have good reason to charge different sums of money for their games, and apply different terms and conditions; perhaps a nominal £20-per-player voucher might get you, say, a before-2pm-on-weekdays-only game in an expensive market like London, or might get you an any-time game and a 50% discount towards a second game at the same site in a cheaper market elsewhere.

There are doubtless hurdles to overcome, but if there were the will in the market to make this happen, it could surely be an option. (And, airing the dirty little secret out loud, just think of the revenue from the vouchers that are paid for but never actually redeemed…)

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