Here’s to the workers

Workforce graphicSuggestions for a better graphic, in the public domain, that more accurately and positively reflects the diversity of the workforce would be welcome; there are far more traditionally male sets of clothing and body shapes above than would be at all representative.

There is a model of an exit game as being operated by a sole proprietor, or better still a couple, where the extremely small team miraculously has a very wide collection of skills, does everything themselves and only has to pay themselves. Many exit games start off that way. However, when games become more successful, expanding the business by taking on more staff becomes essential.

It would be a fair criticism of this site that it may play into the stereotype of sole proprietor as superhero; all the interviews so far have been with proprietors or CEOs, when in truth they’re only one part of the team, and may well be far from being on the front line for a great proportion of their day. Many exit games which have great reviews earn specific praise for the friendliness of their staff and the quality of their service. At least in bigger sites, that may not be down to the proprietors, that may be down to the staff. This site hopes that the staff can take as much pride in their site’s success as the management do.

This site gets the impression that many, even relatively successful, sites are not yet earning very substantial revenues, so fears that the exit game industry is not yet one that can necessarily pay its staff particularly well. This may well be reasonably common for a customer service job. Hopefully the degree of fun that both staff and customers have may make this relatively pleasant as customer service jobs go, and hopefully the best staff can be recognised and rewarded, and good practice can be shared within sites and more widely around the industry.

Several site proprietors read this site from time to time; it’s not clear whether site employees do, too. If you are an employee and you do read this, THANK YOU! It’s the people on the front line who are responsible for so much of the success of the industry. Perspectives of what it’s like to work at a site would be extremely welcome and pseudonyms will be respected.

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