Use your brains or lose your BRAIAIAIAIAIAINS

"Trapped in a room with a zombie"To say it’s an exciting time at the moment for sites preparing to launch, and launching, would be an understatement; it’s perhaps closer to overwhelming. As exit games spread their jaws up and down the land, “we’re gonna need a bigger map”.

Tip of the hat to an unusual source, Londonist, but a new exit game hosting its first public game this Friday, 12th December, is the London location of Room Escape Adventures, who have been running their Trapped in a Room with a Zombie game at 16 locations in London and a 17th in Canada. A location in Madrid is promised soon as well. After North America and Europe, the undead are taking over the world!

There are two particularly distinctive features to this game:

1. It’s played by teams of up to twelve. This is ideal if you have a big group of friends and all want to play together, rather than competing amongst yourselves, or if you want to solve alongside not just your friends but also people you might not previously have known.

2. This room just might be coated with Ronseal because it does exactly what it says on the tin in its name; you are indeed trapped, you are indeed in a room, and there is indeed one (1) zombie in there with you. Specifically, said undead starts on the end of a short chain, shambling and crawling about. Every five minutes, further links of the chain (and, perhaps, some hounds) are released and the zombie’s shamble radius increases. Get caught by the zombie and you’re… not out of the game, but rooted to the spot, though still capable of contributing to the effort.

One of this site’s friends played the location in Toronto and found it an enjoyable change from other exit games out there. There are plenty of reviews of the other locations as well, though some of them (to which there will be no links) are prone to being ever so slightly spoiler-y. There are certainly no spoilers in this interview with the creator.

Tickets are available on a slightly unusual schedule: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday daytimes. So far they have been released for a month ahead, and the show “runs the entire year of 2015”. The Chicago location has had its game replaced with Trapped in a Room with a Zombie II: Still Hungry, so there is more than one string to the genre’s bow. Tickets are £28/player, plus fees, which is towards the high end of the spectrum – but perhaps the going rate for a tried and tested international hit!

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