Now open in Plymouth: Escape Rooms Plymouth

Escape Rooms Plymouth logoEvery now and again, this site finds details of a new location and it’s not quite clear whether the location is open for business or not. All the signs are in place, and maybe the site even appears to be open for business, but it’s not clear whether people are actually playing the game. When this happens, enquiries are made and this site – possibly burned by experience – errs on the side of caution and waiting for evidence before announcing it to the readership.

Accordingly, because of the previous absence of social media updates or reviews, this site has held off talking about Escape Rooms Plymouth until it recently started posting photos of its players as evidence. With this in mind, Escape Rooms Plymouth might just be the first new UK exit game of 2015, ahead of all the ones previously listed as coming soon!

Two identical rooms are already open with the title Germ, with a third room entitled The Hazard coming soon. The rooms have a 60-minute time limit and are recommended for 3-6 players. The story behind Germ suggests “You have been captured by insurgents whilst investigating allegations of chemical weapon stocks within the eastern territories during the cold war. A double agent has left you clues that could lead to your escape…

An advantage of having two identical rooms is that, as the site invites you, “Imagine two teams of 6 players from each department of your company racing against the clock to escape.” As is often the case, the price per player goes down if you have more players; three players pay £18 each, four players pay £16 each, five players pay £14 each and six players pay just £12 each – so adding a sixth player adds just £2 to the cost of the team. On top of that, if you bring two full teams of six, you will get a partial refund to make the price just £10 per player. (Full admission: the second room of the two doesn’t seem to be available to be booked until Tuesday 20th January.)

In previous searches, this site had found an exciting-looking interactive theatrical game called Resurgam taking place in Plymouth, but it’s exciting to see exit games as such spread around the country; this site wishes Escape Rooms Plymouth well and looks forward to following for news of The Hazard and, maybe, more. It seems unlikely that there will ever be a game further south-west… unless Cornwall might host one some day?

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