Now open in Newcastle: Lost & Escape

Lost & Escape logoA double helping of exciting news from the north-west coming very soon, but actual open sites take precedent over previews, and today is a particular day to celebrate.

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year! It is the start of the year of the 羊, often translated as goat or sheep. Accordingly, today this site focuses on a site in, or at least very near, Newcastle’s Chinatown. The influence of Chinese culture on exit games around the world cannot be overstated; if you were to produce a list of the world’s top ten cities for exit games, it might well include Budapest, Toronto and eight Chinese cities. You might boggle at Budapest featuring something like 66 games, but according to the China EGA site (viewed through machine translation!) China has seven Budapests alone, with Beijing estimated at not just 66 but 175 sites. (Or, perhaps, rooms; machine translation does not make the distinction clear.)

Lost & Escape is a new game in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. According to its Facebook page, it opened on Sunday 8th February at Suite 1 (First Floor), Blackfriars Court, Dispensary Lane, Newcastle, NE1 4XB. The site is set to feature two games, though it is unclear whether the second room has yet opened; the games are suitable for groups of either 2-6 (according to the web page) or 3-6 (according to Facebook). Booking takes place by telephone, or possibly through the WeChat app.

Room One is entitled Time Travel to the 1900s! and has a story that asks You accidentally went into an ancient house. The door of the house is a time machine, which brought you back to the 1900s. You found strange symbols everywhere. The only way to go back is to get the key in 60 minutes. The person who runs out of time will be locked in the past. Can you travel back successfully?

Room two is called The Lost Treasure and has a different story: One of the treasures in national Museum is lost at night. It is the greedy art collector, Mr. Evil, who stolen the treasure. Tonight is a good opportunity to get the treasure back, however there is only 60 minutes to finish the mission. You, the secret agent, are allocated this mission. Can you manage on time? This room may well be associated with a Twitter posting that suggests “Our unique laser room is testing now! It Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try!

Always exciting to see sites trying something unusual; looking forward to reading the reviews!


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