Now open in London: Lock’d

lockdExit games are spreading throughout London, as well as around the UK at large. While so far they have been concentrated in the centre of London, with the noble exception of Wimbledon’s Mystery Squad, news reaches this site of Lock’d, which opened a week ago on Sunday 15th February. It is situated in south-east London, specifically in Bermondsey; more specifically still, it’s about half-way between Bermondsey tube station (on the Jubilee line) and South Bermondsey railway station, between London Bridge and Peckham.

The site has one room open at the moment, with two further rooms planned. The room has a 60-minute time limit and can be played by teams of three, four or five. Prices are fairly typical for London, though have a certain degree of neatness to them; £77 for a team of three, £88 for a team of four and £99 for a team of five. In the first game to open, Grandpa’s Last Will, quoted as a figural 4/5 difficulty, “You’ve just learned that your grandfather remembered you in his last will and now you are perhaps the richest heir in the world! But nobody knows where the wealth may be hidden. You have only one hour to find the inheritance“.

The two games to come have been announced as Museum Warehouse, in which “Somebody is going to take out of the country five unique masterpieces from City Museum Warehouse. You have to find way into the warehouse, find all the objects and discreetly get out during one hour and (presumably the later of the two to launch) the unusual Perpetual Motion where the peril which troubles us all asks “In an hour all global energy store will come to an end and the world will plunge into darkness. Professor Harrison practically finished his work on a perpetual motion, but he suddenly disappeared. Start the engine and save humankind“.

It’s in an exciting location, near a huge bouldering facility (and this podcast makes a remarkably convincing case for bouldering to those who prefer to exercise their mind to their body), a double-decker go-kart track and a couple of galleries. Lots to see and do – but, for this site, the exit game is the main attraction and fingers crossed that it brings a great deal of excitement to south-east London!


  1. Visited there based on this article – great venue and great game – fully recommend for all the family (aged above 15) – great day out…


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