Coming soon to Glasgow: The Room

The Room logoGlasgow has been the biggest urban area in the UK with only one exit game for some time; Escape Glasgow has been top of the Fun Activities & Games list there for some time, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that others see the area as ripe for further development of the genre.

The Room is set to open shortly in Glasgow, taking bookings from their opening weekend of 3rd-5th April onwards. They will be opening with four rooms: the Spy Room, the Identity Room, the Mansion Room and a Party Room. The extremely attractive and modern-looking (though, deliberately, not futuristic-looking) web site suggests that the Spy Room and Identity Room are both 60-minute games for ideal team sizes of 3-6, whereas the Mansion Room is a 75-minute game with a claimed ideal team size of 8-12 and the Party Room‘s 75-minute game is set up to host 10-16 bright sparks, aged ten and up.

The Spy Room sees you as MI6 agents, tasked to sneak into the office of a powerful and rich businessman, who is suspected of financing criminals. The pressure is now on you to find the hard evidence to nail the bad guys. ((…)) find the evidence and the spare key to the office (as it accidentally locked behind you when you entered) to accomplish the mission. National security depends on you!

Perhaps you prefer the Identity Room, where The owner of the apartment has gone missing for a year. Concerned neighbours have alerted the police and they have sent their best team – you – to investigate the case. Searching the apartment makes it clear that there are dark secrets beneath the surface. What do those reoccurring signs mean? Who is the mysterious tenant? Where is he now? This one is aimed at those who like devious plots in films (and who doesn’t?) and those who like to test their logical abilities.

The sheer size and scale of the Mansion Room catches the eye. Sir Riddles, the late lord of Fort Ardreck died in complete solitude, as he had decided to escape society and turn his back to the world decades before. His home castle at the edge of lands stood still forgotten until one day you and your friends sliding slightly off beaten tracks arrived at its once magnificent doors. Inspired by tales of ghosts and treasures, you entered and made your way to the main Hall, closing the heavy door behind you… This tale of plunder sounds particularly exciting if you have a large team who always fancied themselves as Scooby’s meddling kids.

The standard price of the 60-minute games is £65 between the team of probably 3-6, and that of the 75-minute game is £149 between the team of probably 8-12. That said, there are a number of opening discounts available for those who can act quickly. Book before 5th April and those prices are cut by 30% to £46 and £104 respectively. The site’s flyer suggests that if you can book before 20th March, then on top of your discount, each team member will also receive a gift as well. If you book for the opening weekend (3rd-5th April, though the Mansion Room opens a little later) then your team gets another gift on top – and these do stack, so a very early booking for the opening weekend looks like about as big a bargain as it gets.

A generous start and ambitious plans; ambition is to be celebrated and rewarded. Big games might just mean big fun!

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