Now open in Liverpool: gamEscape

gamEscape logoThe first city to feature five open locations, outside London, turns out to be Liverpool, all five of which have opened in the space of three months.

News reached this site recently of gameEscape, launching “at the end of the month” in Liverpool. However, booking is already open for one of the two rooms; indeed, looking at the booking system, it appears that games are available at 50% off the stated price today. This counts as evidence of opening as far as this site is concerned, and perhaps this news will come early enough in the day that somebody may be able to take advantage of the offer.

gameEscape’s modern-looking web site boasts two games, each with a sixty-minute location, each playable by teams of two to five. The pricing structure is simple: £15 per player, making this extremely attractively priced for teams of two and three who aren’t daunted by the challenge of taking on a room perhaps intended for a larger team.

The first room, The Golden Cage, is open for bookings now, and has a relatively unusual way of framing the time travel theme. “You have been transported back over 300 years, where a mystical wizard has locked you in a mysterious, magical room. You have 60 minutes to escape the Wizards clutches and come back to the present day. Use the clues, solve the puzzles & identify the way to escape or get stuck in a world where you don’t belong.” If the contents of the room are deliberately fantastic, perhaps alchemical, then this would be a very distinctive offering.

The second room, Prison Cell, has bookings opening soon. “You have been locked up for a crime you did not commit! You are in lockdown, where many prisoners of the inescapable prison have tried, and ultimately FAILED to escape, there is a rumour that one inmate has successfully escaped. They left many clues, use the clues, solve the puzzles and become the first (officially) to escape before the warden comes back and shuts you in FOREVER. You have 1 hour!

The north-west gets even more exciting still and this site looks forward to hearing more about just how well these games play!


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