Now open in Cork: AK Escape Room

AK Escape Room logoSometimes this site finds out about exit games before they open; sometimes, soon after they open. The exit game discussed below, it transpires, has been open for four months, since the very end of last year! Eek; this site is usually more on the ball than that. Sorry about that.

AK Escape Room is an exit game in Cork – and, indeed, the first known exit game in Ireland outside Dublin. (Part of the joy of running this site is that there’s always the potential for the pleasant surprise of discovering a previously unknown game that might have gone unnoticed for weeks – or, as in this case, months.) The site features two rooms, both with a one-hour time limit, both designed to be played by teams of 2-6.

The Great Diamond Robbery is the first of the rooms, and puts you in place to pull the titular robbery off. Mr. Murphy is an opulent investor and believed to own and hide a giant piece of diamond. One day, when you were cleaning his bedroom you caught a conversation through the walls. Now you only need to select the right persons to team up with, so that you can approach his office room. Not only you need to find but also take and escape with the gem stone in an hour time… or you gonna face with consequences. The door is closing immediately after entering and only the owner knows the secrets and tricks of the room. Are you smart enough to find the hidden place and take the diamond before he returns? Are you able to outwit Mr. Murphy and beat his office room?

The second game is, very slightly gruesomely, Rat Invasion. In this, Mutant super rats IMMUNE to poison invade homes and warehouses to escape flooded sewers and underground burrows. The disease- carrying rodents now seek shelters from their flooded lairs. You find yourself trapped in a warehouse without remembering how you got there. The radio broadcast unsettling news… Hordes of the brown rats are coming. Pick up all your courage & unite your team force and & act fast to earn your freedom or face your fate… Mutant rats are known to mean danger to human beings! Definitely somewhere not to hang around.

This site hopes that the location in Cork can stay afloat for a long, long time!

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