Tuesday night is Puzzled Pint night

Puzzled Pint London logoThe second Tuesday of every month is Puzzled Pint night… which means that tomorrow night is the puzzliest night of the month!

Puzzled Pint is a monthly, casual puzzling event as previously discussed on this site. The simplest way to think of it is to imagine a pub quiz that you solve with a team of your friends, but replace the quiz questions with puzzles: all sorts of puzzles – word puzzles, picture puzzles, maybe codes, perhaps maths or logic puzzles – and usually very good ones. The atmosphere is deliberately accessible and hints are freely available, so everyone can have the fun of surprising themselves by solving puzzles that they thought they would never be able to solve.

Puzzled Pint keeps growing and growing; it is now played in eighteen locations in three countries. Two of those locations are in London, referred to as Bubble and Squeak, because having two locations each with a few dozen people involved is so much more practical than a single location; a single month with almost a hundred solvers proved to be impractical, and last month the attendance at the two London locations totalled over a hundred. Finding suitable pubs is a large part of the challenge.

Take a look at the location puzzle; it shouldn’t detain you long, and the logo may give you a sense of the theme for the month. As ever, hints are available; once you’ve got the answer, the two London locations are revealed. Pick whichever one suits you better, please submit your RSVP and turn up. The nominal timing of the event is 7pm to 10pm but there’s some flexibility. The conclusion to this month’s final puzzle is particularly surprising and satisfying, so maybe better not to leave it too late. One request: this month, please bring a pair of scissors if you can.

My wife has been co-running the whole event this year, more recently specifically the Bubble location. I’ll be one of her team, helping run the event tomorrow. You’ll recognise us by our Game Control T-shirts. Hope to see you there!

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