Coming soon to Mansfield: Instinctive Escape Games

"Instinctive Escape Games" logoAfter news yesterday of a game coming to Nottingham, the next opening will be about 12 miles further north in the town of Mansfield. Instinctive Escape Games will open on June 1st, offering a single room, which has a 60-minute time limit and has been designed to be played by teams of two to five. The price depends on team size but teams of two are charged £36 and teams of five are charged £65.

In their Bon Voyage! game, “… you’re all set for your dream holiday. Your workload has been cleared (or at least back-heeled to a poor unsuspecting colleague!), your family are ready and excited and everything is good to go… actually it even looks like you might be at the airport a good hour ahead of schedule! What could possibly go wrong?” This site both wants to find out and yet dreads to think, at the same time.

The game uses a classic style by being “set in, what appears to be, an everyday living room! At first glance you will notice little difference but, as you begin to explore the room, you will uncover hidden drawers, cupoards, locks and more; each of which will take you one step closer to cracking the code on the safe that hides the key to your freedom!

Unusually, this game shares space with, and inherits its name from, the Instinctive Martial Arts & Fitness gym. This could be a case of mens sana in corpore sano in operation – or, at least, a rare way for both your mind and your body to get a good workout at the same place, if not quite at the same time.

Bookings are now open, so beat the rush!


  1. Had anybody else had trouble actually getting in touch to book their voucher? I cannot get hold of them it is very fraustrating. Im fed up of phoning i have left a voicemail and still nothing


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