It’s DASH-mas Eve

DASH kitAll packed and ready to go for DASH tomorrow in London. Do remember to pack scissors, as well as the other recommended implements. Charge up your phones overnight – and, if you were planning on bringing a spare battery for your phone (far from essential, but might ease some worries) then set that to charge as well.

I’ll be on a team called Motley Flöö, a thematic derivative of the Motley Clue team from Puzzled Pint in London last year. It’ll contain all three hosts of the London “Bubble” location for Puzzled Pint last month, plus our friend David, one of the members of Two Jesters, two Lesters last year. Recognise us by our discreet, topical badges, and please do say “hi”!

Many thanks to everyone involved around the world: the co-ordinators, the puzzle writers, the Game Control team, volunteers and other people behind the scenes; all the players appreciate your efforts. Remember that the London leg will start five hours before the US East Coast ones and eight hours before the US West Coast ones, so please embargo discussion of specifics that might contain spoilers overnight once the hunt is over. The suggested social media tag is #playdash. Oh, and don’t forget to look out for the mystery image. Set off early to allow for traffic, earlier than you think considering everything else that’s going on all day – and, if you’re going to be late, let the organisers know.

Phew! Last task: just try to get a good night’s sleep!

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