Now open in Bristol: Fathom Escape

Fathom Escape logoGoing the whole nine yards – or, at least, two yards – is Fathom Escape of Bristol, which opened at the start of the month. The site offers a single game with a one-hour time limit, designed to be played by a team of up to ten. Smaller groups are welcome and will be merged together as far as possible – though do note that Escape Game Addicts recently had a fantastic story about a solo player taking on a game intended for up to ten, and winning with time to spare.

The theme and storyline are not stated explicitly, though the title, graphics and the image of a diving helmet might suggest a nautical flavour, as do references to sinking of swimming. There’s also demonstrated use of rather an old-fashioned lamp and ancient-looking books; all this points to a game coming out of the Ocean Zone. Games are charged at a regular price of £17.99 per player, but the first hundred tickets are being sold at half price: just £8.99 a head. Games are available between 10:30am and 10:30pm, every day except Mondays.

Happy sailing!

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