Now open in London: Hidden Rooms London

HIdden Rooms London logoJune 1st saw a new exit game site launch in north-east London, specifically not far from the well-connected Finsbury Park area. Hidden Rooms London has opened with two rooms, each of which hosts a 60-minute game for teams of 3-5. Prices are towards the lower end of the market for a London location: £69 for three players, £79 for four or £88 for five.

The story behind the Prison Break room runs like so: “Foreign country, foreign place! It seemed to be a great party with friends, but then something went wrong. Suddenly they woke up in a jail. You know that you are not guilty you are still life imprisonment judged. No other act in your head but how to have the guards on and escape from captivity. You have to hurry, since no more than 60 minutes are at your disposal and the cell door closes behind you forever. Riddle the puzzles, open the padlocks, go closer and closer to freedom. The outcome is up to you! Either you manage to get out and see freedom or the cold hole takes you prisoner forever.” Early reviews suggest that this is a game with a bit of a twist to it at the start; not a completely unoriginal one, but a certain sort of edge that might not be available within a couple of hundred miles or so.

Perhaps the Chain Reaction room is more to your taste? “A few hours after a nuclear disaster. The radiation has not yet reached the city where you live. As you escape you get a sight of a nuclear bunker. Suddenly a huge stone falls off your heart. I am saved – you think. However, the fight for your life is still not over. As you entered the all-important bunker the door closes behind you immediately. There is nothing but darkness and silence here. Or is it? You will have less and less time to find the boot-codes of equipment necessary to stay alive to be completely secure. Running out of air and there are plenty of challenges to bring to life the abandoned bunker.

It’s interesting to see this Facebook post suggest that the eager beavers of Thinking Bob, who have enjoyed very many of the exit games of London and nearby, have booked both rooms out for a double-header at the start of August. Should be a very good night!


  1. Played Chain Reaction last week (thanks to winning a competition this site pointed me at), had some really interesting elements and some cool toys!


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