Early August news round-up

News round-upWhen in doubt, and when knackered, post some links:

1) Episode two of Race to Escape took place on Saturday and illicit copies of it have been uploaded if you can dodge the adverts and worse. Remarkably and delightfully, the puzzles are really decently different from those in the room in episode one. Episode one is probably funnier and more satisfying, but this is still very good. The behind-the-scenes videos are also well worth watching.

2) Phil, who sometimes posts to these parts, points to Deva Codex, a series of three codebreaking trails in the city of Chester, each running for a couple of weeks with its own animal theme. The puzzles are likely to be quite family-friendly, but nevertheless fun. The first of the three is already in progress.

3) The Logic Escapes Me have a really solid round-up of what’s going on in London, particularly in terms of keeping track of discounts and deals, an area where this site has been rather behind the pace. The site also points a link to a clearing-house of spaces for pop-up shops and suggests that they might be filled with pop-up exit games. Perhaps!

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