End of August news round-up

News round-upA few different news stories to end the month:

  • Clue HQ have outdone themselves, announcing plans for a new attraction at each of their two locations. Blackpool will host The Experiments Live on the weekend of Hallowe’en, plus the two weekends beforehand: nine days, a total of 32 sessions. Two teams can play at once in each session, so there are only 64 spaces to book, full stop. Each team can consist of three to six; the game will last 60 minutes and will include both a room to escape and an outdoor section. The fee is higher than usual, though far from the top of the market – £139 for up to 6, or £250 for up to 12 – but the excess pays for the addition of scare actors. Bearing in mind Clue HQ‘s heritage, while there are increasing numbers of horror-themed exit games out there, there are people for whom the experiments within will doubtlessly be delightfully distasteful.
  • For the rest of us, the original Warrington location is adding a new game, Sacrifice. It is played by teams of four or six – but these teams are split into two pairs or triplets respectively for some intra-team competition. The two half-teams compete in the same room in full view of each other, to increase the intensity further; one half-team may escape, the slower half-team will be the sacrifice of the game’s title!
  • Red House Mysteries, responsible for the live hunt events and also part of the team behind the recent live ChatRoulette first-person shoot-’em-up, are crowdfunding their first exit game; the Kickstarter campaign has got off to a decent start.
  • Locked in Edinburgh have good news; their return from a Fringe-necessitated pause will be one day earlier than expected: Monday 7th September.
  • The site formerly known as AK Escape Room of Cork has been renamed to We Escape and have suggested that they plan to launch in a second city. Exciting times!

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