Coming soon to Brighton: Lady Chastity’s Reserve

lcr-brightonIt’s been pushed back ever so slightly at least once, but Brighton is going from zero exit games to getting its second in double-quick time when Handmade Mysteries launch their second venue at which Lady Chastity’s Reserve might be sought. The team have described their game as a “racy rush“, a beautiful double entendre in a game where the nudge and wink are stock in trade… and probably the only one that is suitable for participants who have not yet reached legal drinking age. This site is glad that the above graphic cuts off where it does; a few pixels further south and… well, the beautiful, busy and evocative graphic has more to it than first meets the eye.

The location in Brighton will be a pub called The Black Lion within the town’s Lanes, which will only add to the atmosphere. The game is proving so successful in London that its run keeps getting extended and extended; hopefully the Brighton game can have at least as big an impact. There is one challenge to be faced, though; many of the reviews of the London location refer to Gabriel the host as standing out and contributing to the atmosphere and fun. Perhaps Gabriel might be the MVP (or, at least, the Most Valuable Host?) in exit games, but he can only be in one place at once! If both locations can have their own top-notch host, then Brighton is in for a real treat.

It’s a sixty-minute game for teams of two to five, though teams of 2-3 might be matched up with others to help their chances. Both London and Brighton branches charge £15.50 per player during the off-peak (before 6pm on weekdays). The Brighton branch is starting off by taking Mondays and Tuesdays off to recuperate from the customarily filthy weekends.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful words Chris.

    It is indeed now open.
    A new room for up to 6 players and an even more immersive quest.
    We now have several hosts and i’m very proud to say they are all marvelous with their own quirks, all tussling for ‘MVP’.

    The pub is rocking too. Black Lion, Brighton. Pop down for a pint sometime.


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