Now open in London: QuestRoom

Quest Room logoGood things come to those who wait. This site has had reason to mention QuestRoom of London a couple of times, most notably in this piece discussing their crowdfunding campaign. That Indiegogo campaign didn’t get so far, but that hasn’t stopped the site from coming to fruition… even if months later than might have been expected. For comparison, this site can think of one other business that had a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo which didn’t get too far and yet seems to be doing just fine.

Having opened on 5th October on the Willesden High Road in north-west London, the facility currently features a single 60-minute game for teams of two to five. “You will be locked into a jail where many arrested people spent their times before. They all have left clues about their escape for the next inmates. But if you aren’t familiar in those circles you may haven’t heard about the ((route)), You have to find it for yourself to get out in time. The rules are simple: once you’re inside you have 60 minutes to get out. But to do that you’ll need to thoroughly examine every inch of the chambers of the vault and – most importantly – you’ll have to work as a team! During the escape, different skills are needed to be put into play at the same time; you cannot be successful alone!

The site will open on weekday evenings and at weekends. Teams of two and three play for £70, teams of four for £75 and teams of five for £80. Go to it, and see if the many months of work on the site have paid dividends!


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