Now open in Bristol: the Bristol Maze

The Bristol Maze logoThe Bristol Maze clearly has one of the best names in the land for an exit game. The location in an abandoned warehouse located below the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, about five minutes’ drive from the centre of the city. The site features two rooms, each of which offers a 60-minute game for a team of two to eight players. The site is open daily during the evenings (possibly earlier by arrangement?) and all day at weekends.

The Abandoned Office is a game in which “You and some friends discover an old abandoned office. After you enter, the door locks behind you and you find you are trapped with no obvious way to escape. You have 60 minutes to find way out.” In The Hostage Hostel, you don’t have much more luck; “After a long road trip you and friends are desperate to find somewhere to stay. You come across an old, creepy looking hostel and decide to enter. What a mistake that was – you’ve now been taken hostage! You now find yourself locked in, and have 60 minutes to escape.

Pricing is £20 per player, but a Wowcher deal, surely not available for long though the precise expiry date does seem to be something of a movable feast, lets you have four players for £39, six for £49 or eight for £59 (or even book both rooms out and let up to sixteen play for £114). The four-player deal is a 51% discount as claimed, but the bigger deals offer even larger percentage discounts still – up to 64% or so!

The company behind it has an interesting background, being responsible for It’s A Knockout inflatable-game sports days and stag and hen party entertainment. There are a few corporate entertainment / team-building companies who have taken that route into the exit game market, as (slightly) distinct from people who have set up exit games and later marketed it as corporate team-building entertainment. This site has been looking for an excuse to post this link about KDM Events’ exit-game-derived contest for a while; in the schools’ market, the Robinwood activity centres’ Dungeon of Dooooooooooooooooooom looks like it has similarities as well. It may be the case that any corporate entertainment company worth its salt has its own sort-of-entry into the market by now!

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