Coming soon to Whitley Bay: Pirate Escape

Pirate Escape Whitley Bay logoWhitley Bay is a town near the sea, with sunshine, seagulls and sand. With shops that sell ices and bright-coloured kites that will fly from a string in your hand…” Not quite, though there might well be some cockle shells to find somewhere. (Ask Ken, he’s good at finding things, like this site. Thank you, sir!)

What there definitely is, for sure, is Pirate Escape, an exit game now taking bookings from Saturday 12th December. You’ll find it in Whitley Bay, which is probably the most famous coastal resort village within the Tyneside conurbation, about nine miles north-east of the centre of Newcastle; the game itself is within a short walk of the Whitley Bay stop of the Metro urban rail system, in the centre of town rather than near the seafront.

The site offers one 60-minute game for teams of 2-6; the price is £60 per team, though a code reduces it to £40 for teams of two. The game will be available during weekday evenings and throughout the day at weekends. “In this fully immersive escape room game set in Captain Blackbeard’s pirate ship, one of Blackbeard’s own crew members has turned on him and left a trail of clues, riddles, puzzles and challenges to help you find the treasure. The aim of the game is to find the treasure and get out within 60 minutes before Blackbeard returns.” Gift certificates arrrrrrrrrrgh also available and their envelopes will have a piratical wax seal.

“What’s a pirate’s favourite letter?”
*thinks: mustn't give the obvious answer, mustn't give the obvious answer*
My first love be the C – but without P, I’m irate!


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