Now open in Bognor Regis: TimeCraft

TimeCraft logoBrighton is quickly proving a fertile market for exit games in East Sussex; why should West Sussex miss out on all the fun? On Saturday, Bognor Regis saw its first exit game launch there when TimeCraft opened its doors. It currently offers a single room with a one-hour time limit for teams of three to six. It’s open every evening and all day at weekends.

The game uses a time travel story as the reason for a steampunk themed room. “Lose yourself in the Victorian era: For an hour you are time travellers who crashlanded your TimeCraft during the time of the second British Empire. With limited resources, you need to salvage your environment to open a wormhole and activate your TimeCraft again, or get stuck in the past forever. Reveal the secrets of the industrial revolution era: crack codes, use physics to solve puzzles, decipher secret writings, find hidden compartments with enigmatic messages and open the time portal before it is too late to escape!

The game is priced at £60 for teams of three plus £15 per additional player, so £105 for the full complement of six; from context, it looks like multiple smaller teams might be merged together up to the limit of six players. That said, the INTRO50 discount code offers half-price bookings for the month of December; beyond that, the site also offers a handsome 25% discount to holders of the Escape Game Card. Looking at item 32 in the Escape Game Card’s terms and conditions: no, the offers don’t stack with each other!


  1. Impressive discount. I think that means that the card makes its money back in a single purchase – even for just three people.


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