Now open in London: Sherlock Unlock

Sherlock Unlock logoKen, the great exit game detective, has had his eye on this one for some time but this site opened its doors for real on Tuesday. Sherlock Unlock is a brand new exit game in London; specifically, east London – more specifically still, a short walk from South Quay on the Docklands Light Railway. The site hosts two one-hour exit games for teams of two to six. The site is set to open every day, barring the upcoming Bank Holidays, though some days only one of the two games will be offered. Pairs get to play for £69, teams of three for £89 and adding players from the fourth onwards adds £10 to the price, so a full half-dozen costs £119.

The Chaos game is available already. “You knew something was wrong … Your memory is hazy… Somewhere near the Jurassic you remember a massive collision… Was it an asteroid, a massive T-Rex… Or something even worse? Nobody knows quite where Walter Spiegel has disappeared to… Life on Earth hangs in the balance… It is down to you to solve this knot in the fabric of time, and save life as you know it!” Perhaps finding when Walter Spiegel has disappeared to might be more pressing still.

The Outbreak game is being offered from Monday 21st December. “Governments across the world confirmed this morning that a devastating biological attack of massive proportion could be coming at any moment! Professor Nemrov has created a virus so contagious that a single infected victim could easily start a global pandemic and life as we know it will come to an end. A highly trained team from London has been sent to take down this incredible threat to the whole world. This team of experts, whose identities remain a mystery, are risking exposure to this horrendous disease in a brave bid to save all of mankind!

If you can create order from Chaos or can break out from Outbreak, perhaps Sherlock Unlock will be the site for you!


  1. Thanks for the info. Trying it in a few weeks. Online verdicts seem to be mixed: will let you know my experience.


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