Now open in Cardiff: City Mazes Cardiff

The Cardiff Maze: Fall-In logoThe Cardiff Maze: Ice Breaker logoWales finally had its first exit game open on Friday 15th January! City Mazes are the company behind the wonderfully-named The Bristol Maze; sadly there are no other UK cities with names that will facilitate an exit game with nearly as good a name – though could there be a gun-themed game called The Pistol Maze some day? – so the company’s other branches will have rather more intuitive names. The site suggests that the company’s expansion plans might be characterised as “the M4 corridor”, noting that they also plan to open in Dubai in 2016. However, to get to Dubai, you have to drive along the M4 to Heathrow, right? Perhaps.

City Mazes Cardiff has opened with two different games, though the site’s “About Us” page suggests that “Our Cardiff centre, which is of the first of its kind in the local area, is now open with two complexes – Fall In and Ice breaker with a further two giant complexes to open shortly.” The site refers to its games as complexes, which hints that you shouldn’t expect an easy ride from either of them. Both games are set up to cater for larger-than-average teams and have themes that are rather unusual for exit games, though their inspirations are obvious and popular.

The Ice Breaker game is for teams of two to eight. “You have been lucky enough to secure a ticket for the first (and possibly last) voyage upon the Titanic! You are staying next door to a rather well known couple Jack and Rose. Your objective is to beat Jack and Rose to the top deck. Do you think you have what it takes?

The Fall-In game takes teams of four to ten. “It’s the 1950s and life couldn’t be better for your family in the most cliche American dream home. Or at least it was until the Nuclear Fall Out 2025! Your objective is to get in contact with your past/future self and find out what is going on… and shoot some aliens of course!

The site will be open daily. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it will open during the evenings only; on Thursdays and Fridays, it will open during afternoons and evenings. Weekend days will offer games all day. The price is £25/player. Here’s hoping that Wales takes to the world of exit games like England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have done!


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