Now open in Norwich: History Mystery

History Mystery logoNorwich joins the ranks of cities with two exit games today. This one is in the Norwich Guildhall, which is “the country’s largest surviving medieval civic building outside London, dating back to 1407 and overlooking the 900-year-old market in the heart of the city“. Clearly if you like your games within classy, classical buildings then with Grade I and Grade II* listed buildings hosting them, Norwich is the place to be.

History Mystery launched today with an hour-long game, Archived Alive, for a team of two to six. Games are offered daily at the start of even-numbered hours from 10am onwards; the last game daily starts at 6pm, though Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays see additional games starting at 8pm and 10pm. The price, quoted including V.A.T., is £50 for a team of two plus £10 for each extra player, so the full complement of six costs £90 all told.

The City Historian loves to gaze out of his office window overlooking Norwich’s 900-year-old marketplace while he contemplates what life has been like in the city over so many years. But today there is no face at the window and the historian hasn’t been seen for days, trapped as he is in a secure archive vault. He ate the last fluff-covered boiled sweet from his pocket hours ago and his cup of tea didn’t last beyond the first day!

Crammed full of clues and curios, stories and surprises, the City Historian’s office contains clues to unlock the vault, and only you can save him before he becomes part of history himself.

The site has also announced a second game to be opened around Easter, played within real gaol cells. Authentic, and always a treat to play a game with real local flavour!

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