A little mid-April news

Rolled-up newspaperVery little, but more than none.

After yesterday’s post and a few nudges, the remaining tickets for the exit game unconference in London in a week and a half’s time have all gone. A waiting list has been opened and that’s already filling up quickly as well. If you have a ticket and end up not being able to attend, please cancel so that it’s possible to invite someone on the waiting list who really can make it. Thank you!

Further down the line, the eighth nearly-annual edition of Gamecamp on Saturday May 21st in London has started selling tickets. This too has an unconference, themed around games of all sorts and in all media, but “As well as talks and workshops, GameCamp has a lot else going on. The ‘Run What You Brung’ playtest/demo area is open for anyone with a prototype game to show off. There will be live games of all sorts kicking off around the venue throughout the day, and a library of board-games for anyone to use. Plus lots more to be announced before the event. Keep checking the website!

If you’re disappointed about not getting tickets to the exit game unconference this month then, honestly, this is likely to be better; on the other hand, (a) they’re bigger, (b) they’ve been doing this rather longer and (c) they aren’t specifically about exit games. (That said, Adrian Hon gave a talk about exit games at GameCamp two years ago, back in the days when there were only a double handful of them around.) Take a look at the Gamecamp site for details of the crazy stunts they’ve been able to pull in the past. They’re very good at this. Tickets are limited, but two more batches will go on sale at a higher price in coming weeks.

Lastly, Mark at Really Fun has started a podcast about exit games called Escape From Reality; the first episode was posted a few hours back. Guest starring Ken from The Logic Escapes Me, they provide a highly enjoyable half-hour-plus of listening. Hurrah!


  1. Thanks for the kind description of GameCamp. If you can think of anything fun you’d like to do as part of the day, drop us a line and we’ll work with you to make it happen. I don’t think building an actual escape room is practical, but anything beyond a talk would be amazing (though a talk would be great too).

    • Thanks, James! I – and, of course, anyone else going to both this month’s unconference and Gamecamp – will surely be thinking about not just potential unconference sessions but also activities as well. (Turns out I’ve been planning potential Gamecamp sessions for nearly six years without ever getting the chance to go; hopefully I have some better ideas for sessions now than I did then…)

    • As for building an escape room not being practical. Probably not, but you could create an escape style game. Probably tricky to do anything interesting enough though. It certainly wouldn’t be cutting edge (but I’m happy to be proved wrong!)

  2. “Why hasn’t there ever been another laser tag?”
    Yes. You’d have thought someone would have come up with another social, team based game that hits the adrenaline button – something that makes a computer game real. Any thoughts? It’s been six years since that post – surely you’ve thought of something by now?


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