Now open: Escape Reading


This site has long suggested that one of the biggest untapped markets in the UK is Reading. There have been a few close calls, but at last the people of that town have an escape room to call their own. Escape Reading quietly opened on Monday having managed to slip entirely under this site’s radar. The site opened with two games: The Bank Robbery and Library.

In the Bank Robbery, the last time you went into your bank there was a robbery and you became the police investigators prime suspect. You have 60 minutes to find enough evidence to prove your innocence, otherwise you are going to be locked in. The game is suitable for 3-6 people and costs £60-93 depending on numbers.

In Library, you have been exploring the beautiful city of Reading when you find the entrance of a secret library. Your curiosity has taken you inside where you realise you can only get out if you solve the mystery of the library in 60 minutes. This game is slightly smaller and so suitable for 2-5 people with a cost of £50-80 depending on numbers.

So, welcome to the Reading community and congratulations on your first escape games – they surely won’t be the last!

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