Do Stuff Escape Games – now open in London

Do Stuff Escape Games Logo

Hardly a week goes by at the moment without a new escape room venue or game popping up in London.  This time round it’s Do Stuff Escape Games, a new venture that has launched in Battersea, South London. Like Handmade Mysteries and Bewilder Box, they’ve eschewed getting their own premises and have instead chosen to locate themselves inside a pub. While being the lord of your own manor might appeal to some escape rooms, the lure of a waiting area which can accommodate teams for a significant time before/after the game must be appealing.

They opened their doors on 4 August with a single game, Hostage Hideout. In it, the last thing you heard, as you scrambled to safety through an unmarked door, was that they had taken hostages… You are in a safe place but you must find the clues and solve the puzzles to escape the room. Will your team set the hostages free?

The game costs £80 off peak or £100 during peak hours (6pm onwards and all weekend) although the lower price applies to all two person bookings regardless of time/day. If you’re quick, you can snap up their opening Groupon offer. Oh, and if you read through their plentiful (and very positive) TripAdvisor reviews, it sounds like it’s worth allowing time to grab a burger from the pub.

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