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Cheshire has had a long tradition of escape rooms with Clue HQ flying the flag from way back in mid-2014 and Escape Quest joining them not long after.  2015 was quiet but this year there has been a flurry of openings, the most recent of which is Escapism Chester, which opened in mid-August with four games. Sensibly, they’ve chosen a variety of rooms to appeal to a cross section of players, including tying in with the local history in the Amphitheatre game. This site thoroughly approves of any game that uses the local area for inspiration but Chester with its Roman heritage provides a particularly interesting backdrop.

Taken is their easiest game, rated at 3/5 difficulty. In it your friends have been taken hostage and time is running out. The kidnappers have given you 60 minutes to meet their demands but you know where they’re hiding. It’s time to take matters into your own hands: can you keep your cool in a daring breakout?

Their intermediate game is Espionage in which you’ve been trusted to retrieve some sensitive data but an everyday apartment isn’t what it seems. You’ve found the safe, now you need the key: this is no ordinary game of ‘finders keepers’.

If you want something more challenging and a historical adventure is up your street then look no further than Amphitheatre where the roar of the Amphitheatre rumbles through your cell as thousands mercilessly bay for blood. The Roman guards are on their way to take you into the Gladiators’ arena but you still have time to avoid this gory fate. Escape your cell and have your vengeance.

Finally, if Sci Fi is your vice then Area 51 might appeal . It’s a place that doesn’t exist, so no one is coming to your rescue. A virus has broken out in one of the top-secret testing facilities and there’s only one way out. Crack the code and escape the lab before it’s too late.

All four rooms are open already and can accommodate two to five people. Pricing varies depending on numbers and timing: off peak games (weekdays starting on or before 5pm) are £12-18 per person while the peak rate is £14-20 per person. Brit of an Escape Habit has already played – you can see how they rated the game and read their review here.

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