Anything you can do, I can do norther

Due NorthWhen Lerwick, the administrative capital and largest centre of population of the Shetland Isles, got an escape room, it was pretty safe to say that nothing would take its title as the northernmost escape room in the UK. The Shetland Isles are the most northerly part of the UK and more than half of their ~23,000 population lives within ten miles of that town. The average number of escape rooms per capita across the UK is around 7 per million population or around one for every 140,000 people. Even with a single room, Shetland is punching well above its weight.

Pretty safe but, it turns out, not invulnerable and only a month after the first escape room opened on the archipelago, a second room followed suit. Escape Shetland is officially the UK’s most northerly escape game, situated in the former guardroom of ex-RAF base Saxavord, in Unst, Shetland. That’s at the northern end of the northernmost inhabited island in the northernmost part of the UK. This site thinks it’s safe to say that nothing will take the crown away from Escape Shetland, even if there are a couple of farmhouses situated a little closer to the pole.

They opened in June with a single game in which you have been transported back in time to RAF Saxavord during the Cold War era. You have received information that a Soviet spy is operating on the camp and just as you were closing in on him or her, they have locked you in the guardroom. You must solve the puzzles to work out their identity, and escape the room in time.

According to the website, the venue isn’t manned at all times so they recommend contacting them in advance to arrange a game rather than just, you know, turning up unannounced. It would be a real pity to make the trip all the way up only to find that they were on their lunch break. More seriously, they ask for 24 hours’ notice of a game but will try their best to accommodate you on shorter notice. Games cost £40 for 2/3 people, £50 for 4/5 people and £60 for 6 people.

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