A Dublin Double

For a major city, there hadn’t been much happening on the escape room scene in Dublin for a surprisingly long time. After a couple of openings in early 2015 things went relatively quiet as the UK and the rest of Ireland caught up. That was, until August when, as is often the case, two new venues opened up at almost the same time.

1) The first to open was Bolt Dublin, located about a kilometre from the city centre. It offers two games: Casino Heist and Detention Time.

In Casino Heist you have to get past the Dealers and Pit Bosses and breach security to land the Heist of the Century, escaping with the Gold Bars before you’re caught. Over in Detention Time, you have been wrongly ordered to spend an hour in after-school detention. You have 60 minutes to get out of the classroom and past the principal’s office so that you can enjoy your freedom.

Games are suitable for 2-6 people and cost €56-96 per team, depending on numbers.

2) Opening just a few days later, and only around 200m away, was WeEscape Dublin, the second location of the escape room venture that started in Cork. They’ve taken their most recent games from their original location to the Irish capital – Da Vinci, Taken and Mission Impossible.

Da Vinci follows a similar plot to the Dan Brown novel which cemented the link between Leonardo da Vinci and puzzles. Only a few knew that the murdered Jacques Saunière curator had a carefully hidden secret room in the Louvre. He hid a message in a Cryptex, that only the initiates can obtain. Now it’s time to unfold the big secret…However, Monsieur Saunière won’t give away so easily… You will be faced with code- breaking, symbolism and association problems and much more… In addition, Opus Dei, the secret society of the Vatican, will also be on their way. You have 60 minutes to find the Cryptex and escape from the room! Will you be able to complete your mission before Opus Dei arrive?

In Taken you have to escape from a serial killer: After losing his wife from medical mistake, Mr. Jones became very quiet and odd…then he disappeared and nobody knows where he is. A year later, doctors were kidnapped from the city…every month…The police couldn’t find any sign of them. Now, it’s your turn.  You have only 60 minutes but you should be fast, he is already on his way!

Finally, for Mission Impossible you are tasked with preventing an attack on Paris’ most well-known landmark. Dr. Red is an atrocious wicked mind. His aim is to destroy the whole world at any cost. As the first part of his vicious plan, his attempt is to blow up one of Europe’s most famous symbols of liberty, The Eiffel tower in Paris. You are IMF agents (Impossible Mission Force) with the task to prevent him in doing so. Will you be able to deactivate all four bombs placed at the foot of the tower? Get to the control room and deactivate all the bombs!

Games are suitable for 3-6 people and costs a refreshingly simple €60 per booking.


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