Locked in a LOT of Rooms

Locked in a RoomBarely a year ago, Locked in a Room burst on to the scene in Bristol. A scene that was destined to become very crowded, very quickly as five different companies vied for the custom in the town. In spite of that, Locked in a Room rapidly grew to eight rooms, running two different games.

Fast forward a year and they’re now opening in London. New games in the capital are an almost monthly occurrence recently and yet Locked in a Room’s arrival is still one of the most significant pieces of news in quite a while. Why? Well, the venue promises to be the single biggest in the country, possibly even Europe. The rooms are slowly coming into service but within a month or two, the plan is that 13 rooms should be running at the site with the option of playing either of their Bristol games – Invisibility Gene and Timelock.

It doesn’t take much thought to realise what sort of market they’re after – with a capacity of up to 78, of which 48 could play the exact same game, it’s the perfect draw for the corporate market. Add to that the location in the ExCel centre and you can be under no doubts – this company is most definitely looking at getting in large groups of people for team-building events and their website confirms it. TripAdvisor reviews from their Bristol location are almost unanimously positive so, hopefully, they’ll provide a great introduction to the corporate market and, with only two games to play, will soon be sending players to other escape venues within the capital.

So, what of the two games? Well, in Invisibility Gene, an infamous colleague, Professor Scabworthy, has been acting even more suspicious recently in the lab. Whilst he is detained for questioning, thoroughly investigate his workshop with your team of investigators to discover and prevent the catastrophe he is attempting to unleash on Canary Wharf…

Over in Timelock, you are respected scientists individually working on secret government funded projects in laboratories located in an abandoned warehouse around the Docklands of London. One of the scientists, Professor Samuel Pottenger, has just been dragged kicking and screaming along the corridor by unknown armed assailants. Pottenger is known to you as a very level headed man of immense intelligence and absolutely not one prone to an emotional outburst… Discover his secret.

The games can accommodate 3-6 people with a straight £30 charge per player.

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