Escape Room Rumours – 24 October 2016


Happy Monday and welcome to your (approximately) weekly dose of UK and Irish escape game rumours. This site is always on the look out for any new games or venues that are opening, references in the media or anything else that might be of interest to the readers, so please do send an email if you spot anything of interest.

On to the news

A bit of a bumper news update this week as the site catches up on a few entries that were forgotten in some recent updates on top of an already busy week. Don’t expect all this goodness to be a regular occurrence!

  • International
    • A few weeks ago this site posted an article on escape rooms in a box, well here’s news of another. This one from Space Cowboys, a serious board game company with plenty of talent, is called Unlock! but will they be able to translate that board gaming experience into the escape the room world?
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
    • There was a vague reference to an escape room franchise opening in Scunthorpe a few months ago in the comments of an article on this site. All went quiet, so it looked likely that nothing had come of it until Open the Door popped up. Given its location and that it’s certainly a franchise it seems reasonable to assume that this was the promise venue. Two games in the offing: Sherwood, presumably drawing on some local heritage, and Prison, which seems likely to have been imported from the franchise. Bonus points if you recognise the error with Scunthorpe’s location on the map…
    • It’s always interesting to see a new venue put a firm stake in the ground as to the theming of their rooms. Usually that’s something as vague as “horror” or maybe more specific like pirate-themed but Sheffield’s Voodoo Escape Rooms is certainly setting itself up with a pretty narrow set of options. Perhaps the old adage of “do one thing and do it well” will prove to be the case here!
  • North West England
    • Talking of venue themes, Moviescape are launching in Stockport (near Manchester if your knowledge of the North West is lacking). First two games are expected to be horror themed but the site suggests other genres will appear in the future.
    • Everyone else scours the planning applications diligently right? Oh, just this site? Well great news for those of you in Manchester – a new location has been granted planning permission in the centre. No details of the rooms themselves (other than that there will probably be two) but the location is interesting – just a stone’s throw from one of Breakout Manchester’s High Street. Always useful for enthusiasts looking to play a string of games in a day when the venues are close together!
    • House of the Dead has opened back up for Hallowe’en. You may remember they had three escape rooms open last year for several months under the “Trapped Up North” brand. This time round they’ve opted for just a single short-term room called the Commune. Hopefully they’ll get better reviews than last year.
    • As mentioned in an article late last week, the new game, Captured, is opening at the Town Hall site of Breakout Manchester.
  • South East England
    • Yet another venue which is pitching a specific type of escape room, Other World Escapes describes its offering as “sensory team escape experiences”. Away from that common ground there’s plenty of variety with themes as diverse as Mayan, Hotel and Abyss and room sizes as small as 4 players and as large as 12. As last week’s article said, Southampton is hotting up!
    • If you head due south from London (well, say, Canary Wharf) for about 25 miles you’ll arrive in East Grinstead, the home of Random Rooms (not to be confused with a similarly named venue on the Isle of Wight). The first room is entitled “the Rundown Locker Room” which is an odd title on the face of it but makes more sense when you learn that it’s located inside a sports centre. Perhaps it really *is* a rundown locker room!
    • If, on the other hand, you headed south east, you might chance upon Tonbridge, the location of Time Quest. As the name suggests, the games are based on time travel with the first missions giving you a grounding in the time travel essentials and then sending you back to WWII. Their third game, marked as coming soon, throws you back to Medieval times and will see you saving Camelot.
    • Escape Kent, based in Canterbury open this week with two games, Alien Attack and Kidnapped.
    • Canterbury Escape Rooms who, in case you haven’t guessed, are also based in Canterbury launched this week taking advantage of the history of the ancient city in their game the Jailer.
    • The second game, Hannibal, is opening at The Lockey in Bournemouth this week.
    • Milestones Museum closed Traitor’s Escape Room
  • Wales
    • You’ll find almost nothing on the website, but the Escape Game is a new venue opening in Swansea. With the less than happy demise of Devastate Swansea, it’s great to hear that a new venue is opening up to keep the enthusiasts in the area entertained. Three rooms are planned – details of them when they become public…
  • West Midlands
    • You’d have to be looking very carefully to spot Clue Hunters since, as of yet, they don’t even have a website but you can follow them on Facebook if Leamington Spa is somewhere you’d consider visiting. With rooms opening up in Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry, Leicester, Corby and Loughborough, it looks like the Midlands is finally getting the love it deserves.
    • Sadly, far too late to get involved but worth mentioning because it might come back. Dana Prison in Shrewsbury runs a variety of immersive events one of which was a massive jail escape game. From the sounds of it tens of people are locked up and then have to get past the guards using a combination of trickery and bribery. It’s probably very far from typical escape rooms but it’s often the ideas that are less mainstream that prove the most interesting so fingers crossed for another outing.
  • East Midlands
    • It’s been a long time coming but Loughborough finally gets its first escape room as Escape the Gallery opens at Hour Escape.
  • East England
    • Escape the Gamekeeper’s Bothy is opening at Suffolk Food Hall just outside the centre of Ipswich
    • Fancy a free game in Ipswich? Well, Ipswich Escape Rooms is running a competition to win tickets to their game. No details yet about what that game will be but, if they go for a TRAP-designed room like their sister site in Cambridge did, that’s likely to be a game with plenty of pedigree.
  • South West England
    • As part of cyber security week, the University of the West of England ran a 45 minute escape room to introduce students to security concepts in a fun way. No word on how it went but if you know anyone at the university, this site would love to hear more!
  • Scotland
    • Escape Rooms Scotland Edinburgh opens up this week, just in time for Hallowe’en. Two games to start with: Escape the Bunker and Outbreak.
    • A mention of the Escape Reality venue opening in Glasgow made it into the Daily Record along with a promise that they’d be heading along later to test their puzzling skills.
    • Ayr Rooms opens this week with two games, the Dark Room and the Burns Room.
  • Mobile
    • A new mobile escape room has appeared, Home Escape Party, possibly based in Manchester judging from the website. One game to start with, Library of Alexandria, for up to 10 people.

That’s all folks

That’s all I’m aware of. If any of the above is incorrect or if you’re aware of other news, discounts or competitions, then let me know via email or in the comments below and I’ll include updates in the next edition.

Thanks for reading!

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