New games in the South West – Salisbury, Penzance and Weston-super-Mare

SW England

Last week the site looked at new games in South East England, this week it’s the South West’s turn with three new games having popped up over the last month or so.

1)  Lock and Code opened their doors in Weston-super-Mare back in March of this year but it’s taken six months for their sequel to The Last Victim. In Episode 2, the Alchemy Enigma, you are trapped inside the Alchemist’s Chamber and must find the philosopher’s stone to make your escape. With a host of fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor, including some from enthusiasts, they must have done something right with their first room, so why not give them a go.

2) Salisbury Escape Room closed down Murder at the Museum at the end of Summer to make way for FRAMED – guilty until proven innocent which opened its doors in late September. In this story, Wessex Constabulary Serious Crime Squad are investigating a series of robberies, with the latest at the Salisbury Smithsonian Museum. Suspicion falls on you and your team and you are summoned to the Crime Squad offices. Falsely accused, you must escape and prove your innocence. Is all as it seems within the  crime squad?

3) Last of the three rooms to open was at Cornwall’s Great Escape Rooms located just outside Penzance which introduced a Hallowe’en room at the start of October. Room 13 runs throughout this month and into early November for teams of 4-6 (£60-84) with a minimum age of 16.

In the game, you play supernatural hunters. An article in the local newspaper has caught your attention. Knowing about the vast amount of suicides that had occurred in ‘Room 13’ at Cornwall’s Great Escape Rooms Hotel, you’ve decided to investigate the recent massacre of 4 local teenagers. The deaths resemble the mysterious suicides that occurred in Room 13. They all died by their throats being slit. The apparent murderer Will Longmore pleads his innocence, claiming that a demonic child is responsible. You have just 60 mins in Room 13, to find out what really happened and put a stop to the killings once and for all!

So there you have it, three more rooms in the South West bringing the total across the region to 38. Onwards and upwards!

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