Escape Room Rumours – 5 December 2016


Welcome to December and this week’s dose of UK and Irish escape game rumours. This site is always on the look out for new games or venues that are opening, references in the media or anything else that might be of interest to the readers, so please do send an email if you spot anything of interest. That applies to owner too – feel free to send me your news for inclusion here. Don’t be shy!

On to the news

Another quietish week – and things will probably get even quieter in the next few weeks as Christmas approaches.

  • Scotland
    • Escape Reality Glasgow opened  with five games: Jungala, Enigmista, Alcatraz, Misery and Murder in Whitechapel
  • South West England
    • A new venue appeared on the site list: Escape Dungeons is based in the Richmoor Hotel in Weymouth and has three rooms: Save the Houses of Parliament, Prison Break and Save Christmas.
  • North East England
    • Teesside Escape Rooms opened their doors. For now just a single escape room, Jail Break, but more to follow.
  • South East England
    • A local Southampton paper covered Exciting Escapes recent opening. I’ll forgive the owners for claiming there are only 120 escape venues in UK when a quick read of this website will show you that they’re out by almost a factor of two. Reminder: You can get the latest count by looking at the top of the Exit Games list.
    • The Panic Room Gravesend opened The Gilman Hotel, their sixth game in Gravesend across two venues.
  • London
    • First sighting of a new game in town: Breakin’ Escape. It’s due to open near Highbury & Islington in January. A quick look at their Facebook page suggests that they’ll have high production values. Unfortuantely that’s all this site can share at the moment.
    • Archimedes Inspiration opened Kill M.A.D., their second escape room.
    • Escape from the Room opened Murder in the Village, a 30 minute mini-escape game – perfect as a taster for locals or perhaps as an aperitif for more experienced players.
    • Room Lockdown opened in Romford with two games: Prison Break and Escape the Curse of King Anum
  • International
    • Not really relevant to the UK but perhaps interesting to some readers. Chris Evans of Captain America fame is going to be playing an escape game with a lucky player as part of a charity contest.
  • North West England
    • A little escape gamy, a little immersive theatre, a little treasure hunty. Theatre on Foot, in Liverpool, might be of interest to some of our North West readers.
    • Lucardo, the new Manchester company, opened The Dream
  • Wales
    • Locked In North Wales opened their doors with three games in their initial offering: CSI, Black and White, and Mad Scientist
  • East of England
    • Thinking Outside the Box opened their doors with their first game, Stranded, having a desert island theme
    • Cryptx opened in Cambridge with The Haunted Pub and another game to open in a week’s time.
    • They’re also apparently looking in Essex and this article suggests they’ve submitted a planning application in Kelvedon (which isn’t, as you might have assumed, close to Kelvedon Hatch – the location of Clue HQ Brentwood)
    • Clue HQ Brentwood opened their third room, Dungeon of Doom, which is a popular game from their Warrington location.
    • Room Escape Southend closed down their Asylum game last week and opened up The 12 Deaths of Christmas – the perfect game for the holidays…

That’s all folks

That’s all I’m aware of. If any of the above is incorrect or if you’re aware of other news, discounts or competitions, then let me know via email or in the comments below and I’ll include updates in the next edition.

Thanks for reading!


  1. hi… my name is Chris Chappell… I have just seen your post about the voodoo escape room in Sheffield and would like to introduce myself as the owner..I can confirm that we opened our first room last week with yes our voodoo themed escape room and are offering a 25% discount code (voodoo666) until xmas via our web site…I can also confirm that we will be opening our second room early next year with a very special touch.. thank you for your interest and I hope to speak to you in person soon..

    chris c


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