Escape Room Rumours – 15 May 2017


Welcome to your weekly escape room rumour round up… Apologies for the gap last week – I was in Amsterdam last week at the Up the Game conference. The good news is that I didn’t stop collecting information, so it’s a bumper article this time round.

This site is always on the look out for new games or venues that are opening, references in the media or anything else that might be of interest to the readers, so please do send an email if you spot anything of interest. That applies to owners too – feel free to send me your news for inclusion here. Don’t be shy!

On to the news

Another busy week!

  • International
    • Last week saw the second edition of Up the Game in the Netherlands, the international escape room conference. The UK was well represented with Stephanie Allen from Punch Drunk, Amy Strike and Gwyn Morfey from Fire Hazard, Nick Moran from Time Run, Sera Dodd from S² and the enthusiast Facebook group and Ken Ferguson (me!) from not to mention a bunch of attendees from the UK.
  • National
    • It’s not quite the reality TV fame that this site predicted back in January but Arsenal got in on the escape room act with a players vs ex-players challenge. Welbeck, Cech and Mertesacker took on Keown and Parlour. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who won but I can tell you that the game was put together by the mobile escape room company, Escape Game Events.
    • Another exciting news update – SCRAP Zelda is coming to London. For those who aren’t in the know, SCRAP was the first escape room company when it hit the ground in Japan back in 2007. Zelda is obviously the famous Nintendo video game series. Marry them up and you have something that really helps bring the industry in front of a new group of people. Be warned, though, this is a “ballroom game” with multiple teams competing simultaneously in a single room.
    • Escape Hunt have already announced that they’ll be opening a host of escape rooms across the country following their flotation on AIM. Well, the first of those appears to have been announced in Birmingham with this article in the local paper.
    • If you’ve herd of Camp Wildfire then you’ll know it brings a wide range of activities together for a weekend festival. Whether you want to try ice cream making, shooting, dodgeball, making nipple tassles or, and the reason for this site’s interest, escape rooms, they’ve got you covered.
  • East of England
  • Wales
    • The Escape Rooms Newport is opening its doors following a successful Kickstarter campaign with Torture Corp their first game
  • South West England
  • West Midlands
    • The latest Clue HQ game, Captain Riddle’s Forgotten Fortune, is opening at Clue HQ Birmingham
  • London
    • See the International and National sections for coverage of some London news.
    • Clue Trace opened their second game, Mission Critical
    • If you’re following this site’s predictions you might be excited to hear that another escape room kickstarter has launched. It’s still early days but it doesn’t look likely to make its target.
  • South East England
    • See the National section for coverage of Camp Wildfire.
    • The Macguffin Project opened their first game, The MacGuffin, last week and alongside that got a mention in the local paper
    • First mention of a new company in Ramsgate: Real Life Games are set to launch their game, Extinction, in June.
    • Another new game, Locked In, looks to be opening in Folkestone. No exact address yet but they do have a couple of games mentioned on their website.
    • Trapped Down South had only just opened in the Blue Water but things obviously didn’t go well (or possibly didn’t go at all) and they’ve already closed down after only a couple of weeks.
    • Escape 60 opened their first two games, Zombie Uprising and Helter Skelter
    • Alien Abduction and Cabin in the Woods open this week at the new Milton Keynes venue, Escaper MK
  • North West England
    • Workington based game, Lakes Escape, got a piece in their local Cumbrian paper.
    • Forsaken is opening at Breakout Manchester – High St. That makes it their twelfth different scenario in the city.
    • The Haunted Pirate Ship is opening at Cliffhanger Rooms bringing their total to three games
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
    • See the National section for coverage of Escape Hunt

That’s all I’m aware of. If any of the above is incorrect or if you’re aware of other news, discounts or competitions, then let me know via email or in the comments below and I’ll include updates in the next edition.

Thanks for reading!

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