Escape Room Rumours – 29 May 2017


Welcome to your weekly escape room rumour round up packed full of new games, venues and media mentions.

This site is always on the look out for new games or venues that are opening, references in the media or anything else that might be of interest to the readers, so please do send an email if you spot anything of interest. That applies to owners too – feel free to send me your news for inclusion here. Don’t be shy!

On to the news

No rest for the wicked – another busy week of updates.

That’s all I’m aware of. If any of the above is incorrect or if you’re aware of other news, discounts or competitions, then let me know via email or in the comments below and I’ll include updates in the next edition.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hello
    Mission Escape Exeter has recently opened The Maioc Crisis.
    This room it totally electronic with no padlocks. And one very surprising no doors room.

    • Agreed – but still way more accurate than I expected it to be. The 2800 seems very low considering that would mean 10% of the venues were in the UK.


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