Now open in Dublin: Adventure Rooms

Adventure Rooms Dublin logoThis site has mentioned the global Adventure Rooms brand in passing previously; a quick trip down a Wikipedia rabbit-hole suggested that they had now expanded to branded rooms in ten or eleven countries, putting them among the world’s most widely spread exit game brands – maybe at the very top, maybe joint top, maybe merely very near the top, further research is necessary. One of these countries, as of earlier in the month, is Ireland; Adventure Rooms Dublin‘s “About Us” page quotes a launch date of March 15th.

The site has a single sixty-minute game, “The Original Swiss Adventure“, which can be played either by one team of two to six or, in “duel” mode, by two teams each of three to five. This site couldn’t swear that the same thing has to apply here, but previously having written about a duel mode at Adventure Rooms in Kitchener in Canada, it might be that the same structure applies for duel games here as over there. The Adventure Rooms Canada blog also has more about the background of the Adventure Rooms operation; fascinating to read the creation story.

Room Escape Artist also reviewed the Swiss Original game at Adventure Rooms in another country still; while there’s no guarantee that the games will be the same in Dublin as the US, the site spoke highly of the cool equipment that the game contained and the way that the puzzles could be solved in a number of different ways. You can find other reviews elsewhere still.

An organisation with such a breadth of experience should be able to learn from its mistakes and spread global best practice quickly and effectively. It’s clear that the Adventure Rooms operation at large has some pretty cool ideas going on; it’s not so clear which combination of cool concepts that it has pulled out to play in Dublin, or which other twists it might bring to the table in the future when more rooms are added. This site looks forward very much to reading reviews and learning what people think!