Opening in Leeds on Monday: Tick Tock Unlock

"Tick Tock Unlock" logoThis site has previously featured a preview of Tick Tock Unlock, an exit game coming to Leeds very soon. Their Facebook site suggests that a booking has already been made for May 19th, and the opening date has been confirmed on Twitter, which is sufficiently convincing to merit a place on The Timeline and the exit game details page. However, the web site suggests that bookings are currently available from Wednesday 21st May onwards, so it may well be that they have plans for the rest of Monday and Tuesday.

There have been some gorgeous photos added to their Facebook site recently; it’s well worth clicking through to see the rest of the album. The details within the room look atmospheric and delightful. The photos say that “You can step into the professor’s office but the leaving will not be so easy…” Private e-mail reveals a little more that can be exclusively revealed. The game is entitled Blueprint and here’s its background:

“Conspiracy theorist and history professor, James Watson, has vanished under mysterious circumstances. He was once considered the bright star of academia before he uncovered the web of criminal reality lurking in plain sight. What started as a drive to unmask the criminals very quickly took over his life. His obsession, which led many to call him delusional, consumed him; some even questioned his sanity. That is, until he vanished without a trace. If you are reading this, you already know too much and they are coming after you next.

You are the last remaining hope to uncover the truth from his delusions. Solve the mystery, escape in sixty minutes – Tick Tock Unlock.”

Extremely promising and tantalisingly close!

Introducing the Timeline

This site is pleased to present the Timeline, a sourced attempt to track the chronological progression of exit room openings and closures in the UK and Ireland. It covers the past and the present of exit rooms, so let’s look to the future and see which sites are likely to be next to be added to the Timeline. There was a big rush of openings around December 2013, give or take a month; there may well be another big rush of openings coming soon.

  • Tick Tock Unlock in Leeds has probably got to be considered the favourite to be next to be added to the Timeline. The first date on which books available has been pushed back at least twice, from April 29th to May 12th to the current date of May 19th, but the social media campaign remains active. Perhaps this could be interpreted as a sign of the site being very close to opening.
  • Can’t see anything on the Cipher web site or social media about when they are due to reopen for their second season, but the suggestion is that bookings are not being taken only for May. Fingers crossed that a reopening may only be a few weeks away.
  • Not much obviously happening around Escape Live in Birmingham, but the team may well be hard at work on the physical site and they may well hit their June target.
  • Likewise, our coverage of Clue HQ in Warrington was only very recent. The web site continues to be updated and suggests an opening date of late June.
  • The Escape Hunt London site has nothing obviously new – most notably, still no location yet, which points to the previous estimate of “June or July” remaining active. A little searching through Facebook and LinkedIn reveals the addition of the London branch’s Facebook page. Seven five-star reviews before the site has opened is a little cheeky.
  • The Can You Escape? Indiegogo for a site in Edinburgh has gone a little quiet, but this site remains on the case and the campaign mentions plans in case the Indiegogo does not reach its target, so nothing too worrying there.
  • Moving towards the back burner, the silence from QuestRoom of London is possibly bigger cause for concern; still nothing from the long-term hope at Live Escape Game of Brighton and Puzzlescape is now getting quite cold.

Coming soon to Leeds: Tick Tock Unlock

"Tick Tock Unlock" logoThis site has been focusing more on puzzle hunts than on exit games recently, but that’s where the excitement has been. At least, until now! Exit games are coming ever closer to this neck of the woods (the north-east of England!) with a long-awaited first site to open in Yorkshire. Tick Tock Unlock (and I love the name!) have annouced a location very near the central library in Leeds.

The proprietors have not yet announced an official opening date, though the “Book Now” button points to bookings being available from Monday 28th April. I wouldn’t necessarily take that as definitive, though; the site has set up Facebook and Twitter feeds, which they very wisely seem to be keen to use, so I would expect formal announcement of an opening date there before too long. (I commend them for their heavy use of social media before the site opens; getting as much of a buzz going in advance as they have done should help them to hit the ground running – as well as meaning that we know about the site before it opens.)

So what is known? Not much yet; even the theme is being kept covert. “Tick Tock Unlock is a simple and exciting real life escape game designed for small groups of 3-5 people. You only have one goal: escape from the room in 60 minutes by solving a series of puzzles, unravelling clues, and working together as a team to reveal the darkest secrets that have never been shared.” We do know that promotional ticket pricing will see £48 charged for a team of three, £60 for a team of four or £70 for a team of five; no word, yet, as to how long the promotional prices will last or what prices afterwards will be. The booking engine points to there only being a single room, at least to start with.

This should be popular, I reckon. I get a good feeling from the professionalism of the web site and from the initial use of social media. Additionally, Yorkshire is too big a region not to have an exit game for too long. This looks promising to me; I look forward to following the site’s progress, and to not having too far to go in order to do so!