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For those of you interested in stats… There are 48 bookable games (46/46 if you don’t count duplicate games at one/multiple sites). Those games are spread across 15 companies with 18 venues.

Wheelchair accessible – contact the venue for more info.
Deaf friendly – based on a statement by the venue or a deaf player. Contact the venue for more info.
Duplicate game – this game is present at other venues in the UK or overseas, possibly with a different name. Hover over/press and hold for details.

North East England

(Games: 3)
Cluedini Darlington Cluedini Darlington, Darlington DL1 1LU. Three games:
– Blitz (2‑6 players) Keep Calm and Get Out.
– Sleuth (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Pass the interview amd join the ranks of Sleuth HQ.
– Anubis (2‑6 players) Escape the tomb before the God of the Afterlife unleashes his curse.
(Games: 4)
Escape Rooms Durham Escape Rooms Durham, Durham DH1 3NU. Two games:
– Mr Borrowdale’s Study (2‑6 players) Root through Mr Borrowdale’s puzzling possessions in order to escape the room.
– Lab Heist (2‑6 players) Infiltrate Durham Bio Laboratories and steal as many ‘data discs’ as you can.
Past games: Naughty or Nice
Escape Rooms Durham - Lumley Castle Escape Rooms Durham – Lumley Castle, Durham DH3 4NX. One game:
– Lily of Lumley (2‑6 players) Find Lily, free her from the curse and escape a deadly fate.
(Games: 12)
Teesside Escape Rooms Teesside Escape Rooms, Middlesbrough TS3 8DS. One game:
– Jail Break (2‑6 players) Escape from jail.
Project Escape Project Escape, Middlesbrough TS1 1SE. Four games:
– Elementary (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Can you think like a detective?
– Dr Villain’s Revenge (2‑6 players)
– Haunted (2‑6 players)
– Christmas Nightmare (2‑6 players)
Past games: The Magician’s Illusion, Heroes & Villains, The Mystery of Room 20, Tinsel Torment
Enigma Escape Rooms Middlesborough Enigma Escape Rooms Middlesborough, Middlesbrough TS1 2ES. Three games:
– Plague (2‑6 players) Enter the lab and find a cure.
– Prison Break (2‑6 players)
– Young Guns (2‑6 players) Convince the jury to find your innocent.
(Games: 31)
Lost and Escape Lost and Escape, Newcastle NE1 4XB. Two games:
– The Dungeon (2‑6 players) Find the three elemental power crystals to escape the Dungeon.
– The Magic Castle (2‑6 players) Experience the wizard world.
Past games: Time Travel to the 1900s, The Lost Treasure
Exit Newcastle Exit Newcastle, Newcastle NE1 1SG. Three games:
– Save the City (2‑8 players) Stop the evil genius and defuse the bomb.
– Volatile Laboratories (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Find the antidote and escape the laboratory.
– The Attic (2‑6 players) Discover what horrors await you behind closed doors.
Pirate Escape Pirate Escape, Newcastle NE26 2TH. Three games:
– Forbidden Jungle (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Solve the shaman’s clues and puzzles, find the treasure and escape before you are trapped by his spell forever.
– Mutiny (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– The Secrets of the Orient (2‑6 players)
Past games: Blackbeard’s Ship, Pirate Island, The Brig, The Tavern
The Escape Key The Escape Key, Newcastle NE1 5SF. Four games:
– Armageddon (2‑8 players) Save the world from armageddon.
– The Plague Room (2‑8 players) Retrieve Lucille’s ashes to escape the room.
– Witch (3‑7 players) Save an innocent victim and escape the Hangman’s noose.
– Electric City (3‑7 players)
Never Give Up Never Give Up, Newcastle NE4 7JE. Two games:
– King Tut’s Tomb (2‑8 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me A real life Crystal Maze experience
– The Dungeon (2‑12 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Could you escape the dungeon?
Future games: Future Realm
The Riddle Room The Riddle Room, Newcastle NE12 7JN. One game:
– Albert’s Fortune (Up to 4 players)
Past games: The Room
Exit Newcastle 2 Exit Newcastle 2, Newcastle NE1 7PS. One game:
– Fiorella’s Cave (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Recover the Fiorella’s treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.
Past games: Christmas Game!
Escape Newcastle Escape Newcastle, Newcastle NE1 5AE. Three games:
– The Cabin (2‑5 players) If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise…
– Contagion (2‑5 players) Find the antidote and escape the lab before it’s destroyed.
– Witchcraft and Wizardry (2‑5 players) Is it a test or is there something more sinister at work?
Escape Newcastle (The Gate) Escape Newcastle (The Gate), Newcastle NE1 4XQ. Two games:
– Alien Escape – First Contact (2‑5 players) Escape before the alien skins you as a trophy…
– Dead Man’s Hand (2‑5 players) The robotic hosts of Western World have started to malfunction.
Past games: Santa’s List
(Games: 4)
Enigmatology Enigmatology, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3NJ. Three games:
– The Strange Case of Professor Crowhagen (2‑5 players) Uncover the professor’s whereabouts and avert an event that will change history forever.
– Elemental (2‑5 players) Join John Walker, the inventor of the friction match, on his quest to unravel the mystery.
– The Secret of Crick Hollow (2‑5 players, 90 minutes) Uncover the secret of Crick Hollow and avert disaster before it’s too late.
Past games: The Twelve Heists of Christmas
(Games: 8)
Clue HQ Sunderland Clue HQ Sunderland, Sunderland SR1 1JG. Four games:
– Bunker 38 (3‑6 players) Escape from a nuclear bunker as the oxygen runs out.
– The Vault (3‑6 players) Escape from the Vault with as much money as possible.
– Cell Block C (3‑6 players) Escape from the top security Cell Block C.
– Dungeon of Doom (3‑6 players) Free your wrongfully imprisoned friend from the dungeon and escape together.
The Strategy The Strategy, Sunderland SR4 6SN. Four games:
– The Box (2‑8 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me After witnessing a mafia hit, you find yourself trapped in a crate heading to an unknown destination
– The Vault (2‑8 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me You have been transported back in time to a bank vault. Solve the puzzle or be trapped in time forever.
– The Way to Wonderland (2‑8 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Escape the topsy-turvy Wonderland before the Queen of Hearts finds you.
– The Box Zombie Apocalypse (2‑8 players)

The following venues are announced but not yet available:

Closed games:

  • Newcastle, Escape Newcastle (original site) (November 2014 to February 2018)
  • South Shields, Quest Rooms (May 2019 to August 2019)