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At the time of writing, there is a total of 87 games at 33 venues (83/78 if you don’t count duplicates at one/multiple sites).


(Games: 9)
Breakout Games Aberdeen Breakout Games Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB11 5RE. Four games:
– V75: Break into the mad scientist’s laboratory to retrieve the antivirus. (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– The Amazon: Find the ancient artifact in the Amazonian jungle. (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Black and White (2 copies): All is not what it seems. (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Frankenstein: Finish off the doctor’s work and bring his monster to life. (4‑8 players)
Past games: Lock & Key, Black Gold, Deadlock
The Locked Door The Locked Door, Aberdeen AB11 6YB. Two games:
– The Heist: Can you steal the world’s largest diamond before the authorities catch up with you? (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Raiders: Make your way through King Esk’s Tomb and retrieve the relic. (2‑6 players)
CountDown Escape Games CountDown Escape Games, Aberdeen AB11 5QP. Three games:
– Gangster: Break into the notorious gangster’s office and find the evidence to put him behind bars. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Ghost: Can you find out who murdered her before she decides to trap you forever? (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Zombie: 30 minute zombie survival game. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
(Games: 2)
Ayr Rooms Ayr Rooms, KA7 1LT. Two games:
– Dark Room: Imagine, there is no more light. (2‑5 players)
– Burns Room: Investigate the Burns’ serial killer cold case. (2‑5 players)
(Games: 5)
Escape Rooms Scotland Dundee Escape Rooms Scotland Dundee, Dundee DD3 8SH. Four games:
– C.A.R.A.: Aritifical intelligence is here. Can you help bring C.A.R.A. to life? (2‑6 players)
– Black Pearl: Can you retrieve Davy Jones’ heart? (2‑6 players)
– Saw: Is this still a game or is it reality? (2‑6 players)
– Gold Rush: Escape from Dundee’s hidden gold mine. (2‑6 players)
Escape Dundee Escape Dundee, Dundee DD1 2AP. One game:
– Contagion: Find the antidote and escape the lab before it’s destroyed. (2‑5 players)
Future games: Da Vinci, Witchcraft and Wizardry
(Games: 2)
Go Escape Go Escape, Dunfermline KY12 7DL. Two games:
– The Auld Grey Toun: Immerse yourselves in Dunfermline’s rich history. (2‑6 players)
– Mission: Implausible: Identify the spy and escape or you, and all the evidence, will be lost forever. (2‑6 players)
(Games: 23)
Escape Edinburgh Escape Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 6AA. Two games:
– Da Vinci: Break the codes, follow the clues and recover the holy grail. (2‑5 players)
– The Darker Side of Edinburgh: Get in touch with the dark history of ‘Auld Reekie’ in order to solve the mystery. (2‑5 players)
Past games: Taken, Classic Live Escape
Escape Hour Escape Hour, Edinburgh EH8 8BE. One game:
– The Diamond Heist (2 copies): Retrieve the diamond from Prince Nalwadi’s hidden temple. (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
Past games: Major Plott’s Revenge, Time Machine
Can You Escape? Can You Escape?, Edinburgh EH8 8AE. Two games:
– Operation Odyssey: Fix the escape pod before it’s too late. (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Brit of an Escape Habit
– Operation Deadlock (2 copies): Beat the agency’s test. Can be played as a race game. (3‑5 players)
Past games: Operation Bald Eagle
Locked In Edinburgh Locked In Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 1PL. Three games:
– Animal Hospital: Break into Dr C Lion’s laboratory and investigate what’s going on. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– The Distillery: Uncover the identity of the disgruntled employee plotting against the distillery. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– The Secret Lab: Enter the lab and rediscover the cure for the L.I.E. virus. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Escape and Conquer Review by Escape the Review
Escape Haymarket Escape Haymarket, Edinburgh EH11 2BA. Three games:
– Area 51: Uncover the incident that’s been hidden away in a basement and determine whether or not it’s a conspiracy. (2‑5 players)
– Escape Casino: As if escaping the casino wasn’t hard enough. Will you take the risk to get more reward? (2‑5 players)
– Contagion: Find the antidote and escape the lab before it’s destroyed. (2‑5 players)
Exit Plan Edinburgh Exit Plan Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH12 1JE. Three games:
– The Tesla Cube: Recover the Tesla cube – a device of limitless power – and stop it falling into the wrong hands. (2‑7 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Review by Escape the Review
– Svengali’s Lair: Escape from the chains of the evil genius, Svengali. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Escape the Review
– Framed: Put together the evidence and find the real killer in time. (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me
Escape Rooms Scotland Edinburgh Escape Rooms Scotland Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH6 5JB. Two games:
– Outbreak: Step into the role of the members of staff at the Edinburgh CDC facility. (2‑5 players)
– Escape the Bunker: It’s 1942 and you are trapped underground in THE BUNKER (2‑5 players)
Escape Reality Edinburgh Escape Reality Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 9QB. Six games:
– Alcatraz: Escape the unescapable. (2‑6 players)
– Jungala: Complete the game or be trapped forever. (2‑6 players)
– The Asylum: Can you escape from the asylum before the spirits of the patients that remain here capture you? (2‑6 players)
– Nosferatu: Track down the most dangerous vampire in existence. (2‑6 players)
– Machina: Escape before you become part of the AI experiment. (2‑6 players)
– Tortuga Pirates: Escape the brig and find Derdrake’s treasure on Tortuga Island. (2‑6 players)
Padlox Escape Rooms Padlox Escape Rooms, Edinburgh EH6 6SH. One game:
– Going for Gold: Have you got what it takes to foil these doping fraudsters? (2‑6 players)
(Games: 26)
Escape Glasgow Escape Glasgow, Glasgow G2 6HJ. Five games:
– Classic Live Escape: The key you seek is in the safe. Can you recognise the hints and clues given and translate them into success? (2‑5 players)
– Contagion: Find the antidote and escape the lab before it’s destroyed. (2‑5 players)
– EMCU Trials: Can you pass the test? (2‑5 players)
– 221B Baker Street: Enter 221b Baker Street and steal the historic item from Sherlock. (2‑5 players)
– Witchcraft and Wizardry: Is it a test or is there something more sinister at work? (2‑5 players)
The Room The Room, Glasgow G2 1HW. Five games:
– Spy room: Find the evidence that can lock up a businessman financing criminals. (3‑7 players)
– Identity room: Uncover the identity of the missing person and where they are. (2‑6 players)
– Mystic room: Find out who killed the oracle. (2‑5 players)
– Party room: Track down one of Queen Victoria’s personal treasures. (10‑16 players)
– Mansion room: Uncover the treasure and the mystery before darkness falls. (8‑16 players)
Tick Tock Unlock Glasgow Tick Tock Unlock Glasgow, Glasgow G2 5LQ. Two games:
– Blueprint: A conspiracy theorist goes missing. Find out what happened before you’re next. (3‑6 players)
– The Hatch: A once-in-a-lifetime holiday to a remote island goes wrong. (3‑6 players)
Escape Rooms Scotland Glasgow Escape Rooms Scotland Glasgow, Glasgow G1 4AR. Four games:
– The Riddler: Will you survive his tricks? (2‑6 players)
– Jail Break: Escape death row before the guards return. (2‑6 players)
– Zombie Quarantine: Can you escape the quarantine? (2‑6 players)
– Bank Heist: You have 60 minutes to steal the diamonds. (4‑10 players)
Clue HQ Glasgow Clue HQ Glasgow, Glasgow G41 1EJ. Two games:
– Bunker 38: Escape from a nuclear bunker as the oxygen runs out. (3‑6 players)
– Cell Block C: Escape from the top security Cell Block C. (3‑6 players)
Pollok House Pollok House, Glasgow G43 1PT. One game:
– Escape the Past: Thwart the butler’s devious plans. (2‑5 players)
Escape Reality Glasgow Escape Reality Glasgow, Glasgow G1 1NY. Five games:
– Jungala: Complete the game or be trapped forever. (2‑6 players)
– Enigmista: Pass the serial killer’s games or become his next victim. (2‑6 players)
– Alcatraz: Escape the unescapable. (2‑6 players)
– Misery: Escape from the kidnapper’s house or find out how far she’ll go to keep you there. (2‑6 players)
– Murder in Whitechapel: Find and capture the serial killer before someone else goes missing. (2‑6 players)
Locked In Escape Room Locked In Escape Room, Glasgow G2 6LD. Two games:
– Da Vinci’s Secret: Find out who killed the doctor and recover the stolen painting before the killer returns. (2‑6 players)
– Witch House in Scottish Highlands: When you lose your way in the woods the last place you’d like to find is the Witch’s House… (2‑6 players)
(Games: 5)
Breakout Games Inverness Breakout Games Inverness, Inverness IV1 1PP. Three games:
– The Riddle of Nessie: Breakout in the professor’s office and find out the truth about Nessie. (2‑8 players)
– Lock & Key (2 copies): Solve the clues, break into the safe and unlock your key to freedom. (2‑6 players)
– Prometheus – Frankenstein: Finish off the doctor’s work and bring his monster to life. (4‑8 players)
Past games: Black and White
Lockdown Inverness Lockdown Inverness, Inverness IV1 1EH. Two games:
– Mission: Possible?: Use your senses, take on the challenge and learn your true identity. (2‑6 players)
– Lost!: Have you ventured too far? Will you ever find your way back? (2‑6 players)
Past games: Prison Break, The Heisenberg Murder, Area 51
(Games: 2)
Escape Livingston Escape Livingston, Livingston EH54 6QF. Two games:
– Prison Breakout: Locked in the cells – clear your name and escape. (2‑5 players)
– Espionage: Infiltrate the home of a journalist who holds some classified information. (2‑5 players)
(Games: 1)
Escape Room Orkney Escape Room Orkney, Stromness KW16 3EP. One game:
– Capt. I C Recks: Try to outwit Captain I. C. Recks and his dastardly decoys to avert disaster and save the day. (4‑6 players)
(Games: 2)
Escafun Escafun, Peterhead AB42 3AW. Two games:
– Grannie’s Living Room: Can you escape from Grannie’s living room? (2‑4 players)
– The Military Room: Can you break out the bunker? (2‑4 players)
(Games: 3)
Locked Shetland Locked Shetland, Shetland ZE1 0PE. Two games:
– The Bunker: Escape the bunker (2‑6 players)
– The Tomb: Find the ancient eye of Ra. (2‑6 players)
Past games: The Study, The Facility
Escape Shetland Escape Shetland, Shetland ZE2 9DL. One game:
– Cold War – Find the Spy: A Soviet Spy has infiltrated the camp and you must identify him in order to escape the room. (2‑6 players)
(Games: 2)
Escape Rooms Scotland Stirling Escape Rooms Scotland Stirling, Stirling FK8 1DN. Two games:
– Velocity: Step on board Velocity and escape this planet once and for all. (2‑6 players)
– Castle Alba: Jump back in time to 1314 and escape from Castle Alba. (2‑6 players)

The following games are announced but not yet available:

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Closed games:

  • Edinburgh, Dr. Knox’s Enigma
  • Glasgow, EVAC
  • Paisley, The Exit Games
  • Stonehaven, aMAZEing places