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For those of you interested in stats… There are 100 bookable games (96/88 if you don’t count duplicate games at one/multiple sites). Those games are spread across 23 companies with 34 venues.

Wheelchair accessible – contact the venue for more info.
Deaf friendly – based on a statement by the venue or a deaf player. Contact the venue for more info.
Duplicate game – this game is present at other venues in the UK or overseas, possibly with a different name. Hover over/press and hold for details.


(Games: 11)
Breakout Games Aberdeen Breakout Games Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB11 5RE. Four games:
– V75 (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– The Amazon (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Black and White (2 copies, 2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Frankenstein (4‑8 players)
Past games: Lock & Key, Black Gold, Deadlock
The Locked Door The Locked Door, Aberdeen AB11 6YB. Four games:
– The Heist (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Raiders (2‑6 players)
– The Quarantine Zone (2‑6 players)
– NO-ELves (2‑6 players)
(Games: 5)
In Time In Time, KA7 1LT. Two games:
– Smugglers of the Black Rose (2‑6 players)
– A North Pole Adventure (2‑8 players)
Future games: The Abandoned Academy
Past games: Dark Room, Burns Room
(Games: 7)
Escape Rooms Scotland Dundee Escape Rooms Scotland Dundee, Dundee DD3 8SH. Four games:
– C.A.R.A. (2‑6 players)
– Black Pearl (2‑6 players)
– Kidnapped (2‑6 players)
– Gold Rush (2‑6 players)
Escape Dundee Escape Dundee, Dundee DD1 2AP. Three games:
– Da Vinci (2‑6 players)
– Witchcraft and Wizardry (2‑5 players)
– Contagion (2‑5 players)
(Games: 2)
Go Escape Go Escape, Dunfermline KY12 7DL. Two games:
– The Auld Grey Toun (2‑6 players)
– Mission: Implausible (2‑6 players)
(Games: 34)
Escape Edinburgh Escape Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 6AA. Two games:
– Houdini’s Workshop (2‑6 players)
– The Experiment (2‑6 players)
Past games: Da Vinci, The Darker Side of Edinburgh, Taken, Classic Live Escape
Escape Edinburgh (Morrison St) Escape Edinburgh (Morrison St), Edinburgh EH3 8BJ. Two games:
– The Magic Emporium (2‑5 players)
– 221B Baker Street (2‑5 players)
Can You Escape? Can You Escape?, Edinburgh EH8 8AE. Two games:
– Operation Odyssey (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Brit of an Escape Habit
– Operation Spellbound (2 copies, 2‑5 players)
Past games: Operation Bald Eagle, Operation Deadlock
Locked In Edinburgh Locked In Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 1PL. Three games:
– The Distillery (2‑5 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Brit of an Escape Habit
– The Secret Lab (2‑5 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Escape and Conquer
– The Cutting Room (2‑5 players)
Past games: Animal Hospital
Escape Haymarket Escape Haymarket, Edinburgh EH11 2BA. Three games:
– Area 51 (2‑5 players)
– Escape Casino (2‑5 players)
– Contagion (2‑5 players)
Exit Plan Edinburgh Exit Plan Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH2 1JE. Three games:
– The Tesla Cube (2‑7 players). Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Brit of an Escape Habit
– Svengali’s Lair (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Review by Escape the Review Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Framed (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Escape the Review
Escape Reality Edinburgh Escape Reality Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 9QB. Six games:
– Alcatraz (2‑6 players)
– Jungala (2‑6 players)
– The Asylum (2‑6 players)
– Nosferatu (2‑6 players)
– Machina (2‑6 players)
– Tortuga Pirates (2‑6 players)
Padlox Escape Rooms Padlox Escape Rooms, Edinburgh EH6 6SH. One game:
– Going for Gold (2‑6 players)
Department of Magic Department of Magic, Edinburgh EH1 1QR. Two games:
– Prophecies Quest (2‑5 players)
– Dark Lord Resurrection (2‑5 players)
Escape Hunt Edinburgh Escape Hunt Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH2 3HT. Three games:
– Blackbeard’s Treasure (2 copies, 2‑6 players)
– The Fourth Samurai (2‑6 players)
– The Last Vikings (2‑6 players)
(Games: 4)
Transcend Escape Rooms Transcend Escape Rooms, Falkirk FK1 1RQ . Two games:
– Agenda 21 (2‑6 players)
– The Funhouse (4‑8 players)
Divergent Games Divergent Games, Falkirk FK1 1NU . One game:
– Detective in Trouble (2‑6 players)
Future games: Bunker Breakout
(Games: 38)
Escape Glasgow Escape Glasgow, Glasgow G2 6HJ. Five games:
– Classic Live Escape (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Contagion (2‑5 players)
– EMCU Trials (2‑5 players)
– 221B Baker Street (2‑5 players)
– Witchcraft and Wizardry (2‑5 players)
Riddle Rooms Riddle Rooms, Glasgow G2 1HW. Seven games:
– The Burns Room (3‑10 players, 75 minutes)
– Spy room (3‑7 players)
– The Amnesia Room (2‑6 players, 90 minutes)
– Mystic room (2‑5 players)
– Mansion room (8‑16 players, 90 minutes)
– Party room (10‑16 players)
– Dark Room (2‑6 players)
Past games: Identity room
Escape Rooms Scotland Glasgow Escape Rooms Scotland Glasgow, Glasgow G3 8BW. Three games:
– CSI: Glasgow (4‑8 players)
– The Lost Tomb (2‑6 players)
– 1942: New Recruits (4‑8 players)
Past games: The Riddler, Jail Break, Zombie Quarantine, Bank Heist
Clue HQ Glasgow Clue HQ Glasgow, Glasgow G41 1EJ. Two games:
– Bunker 38 (3‑6 players)
– Cell Block C (3‑6 players)
Escape Reality Glasgow Escape Reality Glasgow, Glasgow G1 1NY. Five games:
– Jungala (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Enigmista (2‑6 players)
– Alcatraz (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
– Misery (2‑6 players)
– Murder in Whitechapel (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me
Locked In Escape Room Locked In Escape Room, Glasgow G2 6LD. Five games:
– Witch House in Scottish Highlands (2‑6 players)
– The Heist (3‑6 players)
– The Surgery (3‑6 players)
– Guilty Pleasure (2‑4 players)
– Save Christmas (2‑6 players)
Past games: Da Vinci’s Secret, Christmas Room
Catch 22 Catch 22, Glasgow G2 5LQ. Three games:
– The Citadel (3‑7 players)
– Notorious (3‑7 players)
– Christmas Chaos (3‑6 players)
Britannia Panopticon Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow G1 5HD. One game:
– The Mystery of the Three Wise Monkeys (5‑30 players)
(Games: 11)
Breakout Games Inverness Breakout Games Inverness, Inverness IV1 1PP. Three games:
– The Riddle of Nessie (2‑8 players)
– The Vault (2 copies, 2‑6 players)
– Prometheus – Frankenstein (4‑8 players)
Past games: Black and White, Lock & Key
Lockdown Inverness Lockdown Inverness, Inverness IV1 1EH. Two games:
– Lost! (2‑6 players)
– Casion Heist (2‑6 players)
Past games: Prison Break, The Heisenberg Murder, Area 51, Mission: Possible?
(Games: 3)
Escape Livingston Escape Livingston, Livingston EH54 6QF. Three games:
– Prison Breakout (2‑6 players)
– Espionage (2‑6 players)
– Witchcraft and Wizardry (2‑6 players)
(Games: 1)
Escape Room Orkney Escape Room Orkney, Stromness KW16 3EP. One game:
– Capt. I C Recks (4‑6 players)
(Games: 2)
Escafun Escafun, Peterhead AB42 3AW. Two games:
– Grannie’s Living Room (2‑4 players)
– The Military Room (2‑4 players)
(Games: 6)
Locked Shetland Locked Shetland, Shetland ZE1 0PE. Two games:
– The Tomb (2‑6 players)
– Retribution (2‑6 players)
Past games: The Study, The Facility, The Bunker, Dark Carnevil
(Games: 2)
Escape Rooms Scotland Stirling Escape Rooms Scotland Stirling, Stirling FK8 1DN. Two games:
– Velocity (2‑6 players)
– Castle Alba (2‑6 players)

The following venues are announced but not yet available:

Closed games:

  • Aberdeen, CountDown Escape Games (January 2017 to December 2017)
  • Edinburgh, Escape Hour (November 2014 to August 2017)
  • Edinburgh, Dr. Knox’s Enigma (April 2015 to September 2016)
  • Edinburgh, Escape Rooms Scotland Edinburgh (October 2016 to September 2018)
  • Glasgow, Tick Tock Unlock Glasgow (April 2015 to September 2018)
  • Glasgow, EVAC (October 2015 to October 2016)
  • Glasgow, Pollok House (June 2016 to September 2018)
  • Glasgow, Escape Games Glasgow (April 2018 to June 2018)
  • Paisley, The Exit Games (August 2016 to September 2017)
  • Shetland, Escape Shetland (June 2016 to November 2017)
  • Stonehaven, aMAZEing places (July 2016 to December 2016)