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For those of you interested in stats… There are 8 bookable games (7/5 if you don’t count duplicate games at one/multiple sites). Those games are spread across 6 companies with 6 venues.

Wheelchair accessible – contact the venue for more info.
Deaf friendly – based on a statement by the venue or a deaf player. Contact the venue for more info.
Duplicate game – this game is present at other venues in the UK or overseas, possibly with a different name. Hover over/press and hold for details.

Virtual Reality Centres

(Games: 1)
Ex(c)iting Game Birmingham VR Ex(c)iting Game Birmingham VR, Birmingham B18 6EW. One game:
– Cosmos (3‑5 players)
(Games: 2)
Collosal Escape Collosal Escape, Peterborough PE2 7BF. Two games:
– Vacate the Room (2‑5 players)
– Belko VR Escape Room (2‑5 players)
(Games: 1)
Escape VR Dublin Escape VR Dublin, Dublin. One game:
– Cosmos (2‑5 players)
(Games: 1)
Hyper Reality Experiences Hyper Reality Experiences, Leeds . One game:
– MineForce: The Rebellion (2 copies, 2‑4 players)
(Games: 2)
Omescape Omescape, London N1 9QW. One game:
– Mind Horror (2‑6 players)
Horuscape Horuscape, London E1W 2SF. One game:
– Mind Horror (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review

The following venues are announced but not yet available:

Closed games:

  • None