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For those of you interested in stats… There are 53 bookable games (53/53 if you don’t count duplicate games at one/multiple sites). Those games are spread across 17 companies with 19 venues.

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Deaf friendly – based on a statement by the venue or a deaf player. Contact the venue for more info.
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(Games: 4)
Locked In North Wales Locked In North Wales, Abergele LL22 7HA. Four games:
– CSI (2‑6 players) Investigate the death of a DEA agent on an undercover mission.
– Black and White (2‑6 players) Escape the human size chessboard before you completely lose your minds.
– Mad Scientist (2‑6 players) Escape the cell before the mad scientist experiments on you.
– Prisoner of War (2‑6 players) Escape the bunker before the bomb goes off.
(Games: 2)
Ultimate Xscape Ultimate Xscape, Aberystwyth SY23 3AB. Two games:
– Spellbound (2‑6 players) Release yourself from being spellbound.
– Room 13 (2‑6 players) Will you be checking in?
(Games: 5)
Escape Blackwood Escape Blackwood, Blackwood NP12 3TW. Three games:
– Zombie Escape (2‑6 players)
– Wizard’s Shop (2‑6 players)
– Crime Scene (2‑6 players)
Past games: Pharaoh’s Curse, Christmas 2018
(Games: 27)
City Mazes Cardiff City Mazes Cardiff, Cardiff CF10 1AH. Four games:
– Hostage Hotel (2‑10 players) After wandering into a creepy looking hotel, you’ve been taken hostage.
– Atomic Agency (2‑10 players) It’s the height of the cold war and this office is not what it seems.
– The Runner (2‑10 players) You probably don’t remember how you got here. Or much at all…
– Subject 11 (2‑10 players) Have you got what it takes to venture into the depth of the Upside Down?
Past games: Ice Breaker, Fall-in, Twisted Heaven, Bamboozled, Pirates of the Bay
Escape Rooms Cardiff Escape Rooms Cardiff, Cardiff CF10 1DY. Six games:
– The Tomb (2‑5 players) Escape from the dark tomb of a Pharaoh.
– Finding Sherlock (2‑5 players) Moriarty has kidnapped Sherlock Holmes. Can you and Watson track him down?
– The Heist (2‑5 players) Break into a museum, evade the laser trap and steal their prized possession.
– Z (2‑6 players) You’ve found a bunker but you have to get it up and running before you’re food…
– Oculus (2‑6 players) Getting into the psyche of the serial killer, Oculus, known for his obsession with eyes…
– Press Start (2‑6 players)
Adventure Rooms Cardiff Adventure Rooms Cardiff, Cardiff CF24 0AD. Three games:
– The Mad Scientist (2‑7 players) You wake up in a mysterious room and have 60 minutes to escape.
– The Black Queen (2‑7 players) Locked inside a dark castle, each clue you find will help you understand the Black Queen and ultimately defeat her.
– Mafia (2‑7 players) Escape before the boss decides how to ‘deal with you’
Escape Reality Cardiff Escape Reality Cardiff, Cardiff CF10 1GJ. Six games:
– Jungala (2‑6 players) Complete the game or be trapped forever.
– Enigmista (2‑5 players) Pass the serial killer’s games or become his next victim.
– Alcatraz (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Escape the unescapable.
– Misery (2‑5 players) Escape from the kidnapper’s house or find out how far she’ll go to keep you there.
– Fibonacci (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Uncover the mystery hidden within the Fibonacci sequence.
– The Heist (2‑6 players) You have been hired by an elite team of renowned con artists to steal a high profile art collection.
Exitus Exitus, Cardiff CF10 2GR. Three games:
– Plague (2‑6 players) End the plague before half the world is dead.
– The Curse of Senutep (2‑8 players) Solve the mystery of the Pharaoh Senutep.
– Christmas Chaos (2‑8 players)
(Games: 2)
The Escape Game Carmarthen The Escape Game Carmarthen, Carmarthen SA31 1BS. Two games:
– Depth Charge (2‑6 players)
– Oubliette (2‑6 players) No escape – only death.
(Games: 1)
Mansion of Mystery Mansion of Mystery, Haverfordwest SA62 4AS. One game:
– The Time Machine (2‑6 players) Find the time traveller and locate the hidden time machine plans before they fall into enemy hands.
(Games: 2)
Ultimate Escape Ultimate Escape, Llandudno LL30 1DW. Two games:
– CSI Murder Mystery (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Take on one of the investigator roles and solve the murder.
– Escape from the Future (2‑6 players) Recover from a time machine mishap and escape from the future.
(Games: 3)
The Escape Game Llanelli The Escape Game Llanelli, Llanelli SA15 3YB. Two games:
– Alcatraz (2‑6 players) You’ve been wrongfully convicted of murder. Escape while the guards get your paperwork.
– Hostel (2‑6 players)
Future games: Wild West
(Games: 1)
Roomination Roomination, Llanfyllin SY22 5LD. One game:
– Escape from the Cursed Galleon (2‑5 players) Break out the cell, steer your ship to safety and recover your missing loot.
(Games: 2)
The Escape Rooms Newport The Escape Rooms Newport, Newport NP20 1FZ. Two games:
– Torture Corp (2‑7 players) Things are not always what they seem…
– HOST (2‑6 players) Take on the role of Astro-engineers
(Games: 1)
Beyond Breakout Beyond Breakout, Newtown SY16 1BJ. One game:
– Adventures in Puzzleland (2‑6 players)
(Games: 1)
St Davids Escape Room St Davids Escape Room, St Davids SA62 6DE. One game:
– Escape Room (2‑5 players)
(Games: 7)
Breakout Live Swansea Breakout Live Swansea, Swansea SA1 5LE. Three games:
– Mumbles Bunker (2‑6 players) Escape from the murderer.
– Voyager (2‑6  players) Prove you are human or face eternity stuck on the starship.
– Prison Strike (2‑6  players) Uncover the escape plan left by the previous occupant of your prison cell.
The Escape Game The Escape Game, Swansea SA1 2JG. Four games:
– The Heist (2‑6 players) Steal the priceless painting before the guards arrive.
– Gold Rush (2‑6 players) Find the hidden gold before the Mob arrive.
– Saw (2‑6 players) Live or die, make your choice.
– Prison Van (2‑6 players) A real refurbished prison van,
(Games: 3)
Tenby's Great Escape Tenby’s Great Escape , Tenby SA70 8RJ. Three games:
– Captain’s Treasure Room (2‑6 players) Find all the pieces to the treasure map and escape the ship before Black Bart returns.
– The Wizard’s Lair (2‑6 players) You have one hour to escape before Merlin returns.
– Tenby’s Asylum (2‑6 players) Has the doctor returned with some unfinished business?

The following venues are announced but not yet available:

  • None

Closed games:

  • Cardiff, Breakout Cardiff (June 2016 to August 2019)
  • Chester, Castle Rock Crafts (November 2018 to April 2019)
  • Cwmbran, Zin Zan Escapes (April 2017 to August 2017)
  • Merthyr Tydfil, Mystery Room Merthyr (October 2016 to January 2018)
  • Powys, Breakout Broneirion (January 2018 to July 2019)
  • Swansea, The Lock and Key (April 2016 to August 2016)