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For those of you interested in stats… There are 106 bookable games (100/93 if you don’t count duplicate games at one/multiple sites). Those games are spread across 25 companies with 32 venues.

Wheelchair accessible – contact the venue for more info.
Deaf friendly – based on a statement by the venue or a deaf player. Contact the venue for more info.
Duplicate game – this game is present at other venues in the UK or overseas, possibly with a different name. Hover over/press and hold for details.

West Midlands

(Games: 34)
Keyhunter Keyhunter, Birmingham B5 6NE. Three games:
– The Triads (2‑7 players) Escape from the Triads before you’re killed.
– The Red Curse (2‑7 players). Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Investigate the savage murder in a high class couple’s bedroom.
– The Double Crossing (2‑7 players). Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Your country betrayed you. What are you fighting for?
Escape Live Birmingham Escape Live Birmingham, Birmingham B19 3PS. Four games:
– Dr Wilson’s Office (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Review by Brit of an Escape Habit Solve the clues to find out who’s threatening the detective.
– Room 13 (2‑6 players) Solve the puzzles to help rescue Amy.
– Time Machine (2‑5 players). Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Help bring the Escape Live staffmember back to the present.
– The Lab (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Isolate toxic gas leak and escape the area.
Clue HQ Birmingham Clue HQ Birmingham, Birmingham B3 1AG. Seven games:
– Bunker 38 (2 copies, 2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Escape from a nuclear bunker as the oxygen runs out.
– Cell Block C (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Review by Escape the Review Escape from the top security Cell Block C.
– AI9 (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Review by Escape the Review Destroy the Articifial Intelligence taking over the world, before it destroys us all.
– Captain Riddle’s Forgotten Fortune (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Review by Escape the Review Can you finally find the forgotten treasure.
– The Hellevator (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Can your team reach Floor 13 before time runs out?
– The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun (2‑5 players) Explore the tomb of Cluetankhamun to find the Cluetan crystal.
– Agent Academy (2‑6 players) Two thirty minute experiences – previously bookable separately
Escape Time Birmingham Escape Time Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield B73 6RG. Three games:
– The Bank Heist (2‑6 players) Do you and your team have what it takes to complete the heist of the century?
– The Chocolate Factory (2‑6 players) Find all the ingredients and fix the machine before the stock runs out.
– Magic School (2‑6 players)
Past games: Sam’s Saloon Bar
Ex(c)iting Game Birmingham Ex(c)iting Game Birmingham, Birmingham B18 6EW. Two games:
– Project: The Diamond (3‑5 players) Break into the house, evade the guard and locate the diamond
– Broken Time (3‑5 players) Break free of the time loop before you lose your memory and have to start again.
Escape Hunt Birmingham Escape Hunt Birmingham, Birmingham B4 6SX. Four games:
– Our Finest Hour (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Enter the bunker and find the dangerous V Weapons.
– The Fourth Samurai (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Escape from the Ronin and destroy the mysterious sword.
– Blackbeard’s Treasure (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Grab the loot and escape in 60 minutes or go down with the ship…
– Dr Who: Worlds Collide (3‑6 players) A tear in space and time has been detected, and the Cybermen are about to break through.
Escape Reality Birmingham Escape Reality Birmingham, Birmingham B19 3JT. Five games:
– Bank Job (2‑6 players) Locate and steal the diamond before the cameras come back on.
– Enigmista (2‑5 players) Pass the serial killer’s games or become his next victim.
– Iron Kingdom (2‑6 players) Decide which house to support and find the rightful heir to the throne.
– Machina (2‑6 players) Escape before you become part of the AI experiment.
– Alcatraz (2‑6 players) Escape the unescapable.
Future games: Legend of the Mummy
Escape Brum Escape Brum, Birmingham B1 3DP. One game:
– Blackmail (2‑6 players)
Grand Escape Grand Escape, Birmingham B15 1AU. Three games:
– Quest for the Grail (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review
– Mystic Room 1409 (2‑6 players)
– Alice in Wonderland (2‑6 players)
(Games: 3)
Escape Time Burton Escape Time Burton, Burton upon Trent DE14 1LD. Three games:
– Sam’s Saloon Bar (2‑6 players) Disarm the bomb, recover the gold and escape before the sheriff returns.
– Prison X (2‑6 players) Follow in the footsteps of the one inmate to escape Prison X.
– The Basement (2‑6 players) Setting free the evil spirits from the house is your only hope.
(Games: 1)
Cannock Chase Escape Rooms Cannock Chase Escape Rooms, Cannock Chase WS15 1PU. One game:
– The Bunker (3‑6 players, 90 minutes) Enter the nuclear bunker and thwart the terrorist plot.
(Games: 16)
Escape Live Coventry Escape Live Coventry, Coventry CV1 2HW. Three games:
– Prison Break (2‑6 players) Break out of HMP Standfast.
– Casino Heist (3‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review Review by Escape and Conquer Break into the casino and steal as many chips as you can.
– Armageddon (3‑6 players) Break into the bunker and launch a missile or an asteroid hits Coventry.
Clue HQ Coventry Clue HQ Coventry, Coventry CV1 3LN. Five games:
– Detonation (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Can you escape from Danny Badd without being blown up?
– Sacrifice (2‑6 players) Compete against your friends to make the ultimate sacrifice.
– Dungeon of Doom (2‑6 players) Free your wrongfully imprisoned friend from the dungeon and escape together.
– The Experiments (3‑8 players) Escape from Dr Psik’s experiments.
– CSI: The Panic Room (2‑6 players) Investigate a murder and identify the perpetrator from the 500 suspects.
Escape Reality Coventry Escape Reality Coventry, Coventry CV1 1NG. Eight games:
– Jungala (2‑6 players) Complete the game or be trapped forever.
– Alcatraz (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape and Conquer Escape the unescapable.
– The Heist (2‑6 players) You have been hired by an elite team of renowned con artists to steal a high profile art collection.
– Murder in Whitechapel (2‑6 players) Find and capture the serial killer before someone else goes missing.
– Scarlett (2‑6 players) Enter the house, identify the demon possesing the doll and rid it of this evil.
– The Asylum (2‑6 players) Can you escape from the asylum before the spirits of the patients that remain here capture you?
– Down the Rabbit Hole (2‑6 players) One moment you were at a party, the next you were transported to another world. Escape, sane and unscarred!
– Tortuga Pirates (2‑6 players) Escape the brig and find Derdrake’s treasure on Tortuga Island.
(Games: 8)
Experimental Escapes Experimental Escapes, Leamington Spa CV32 4RQ. Two games:
– The Machine (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me Can you determine what went wrong with the experiement?
– Diamond Duel (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Locate and steal the diamond before your twin brother inherits the fortune.
Escape Leamington Spa Escape Leamington Spa, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN. Three games:
– Witchcraft and Wizardry (2‑5 players) Is it a test or is there something more sinister at work?
– Contagion (2‑5 players) Find the antidote and escape the lab before it’s destroyed.
– Prohibition (4‑8 players) Shut down Al Capone’s drinking den.
Escape Room Adventures Escape Room Adventures, Leamington Spa CV32 5DT. Three games:
– Conflict of Kings (2‑6 players) Find Alinfar’s crystal to restore peace to the land of Terran.
– The Star of Orion (2‑6 players) Find the power source and escape before the Star Of Orion’s hull collapses.
– The Steampunk Express (2‑6 players) Escape the steampunk express before it plunges into the canyon.
(Games: 4)
Clue HQ Malvern Clue HQ Malvern, Malvern WR14 1BU. Four games:
– Bunker 38 (2‑6 players) Escape from a nuclear bunker as the oxygen runs out.
– Cell Block C (2‑6 players) Escape from the top security Cell Block C.
– The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun (2‑6 players) Explore the tomb of Cluetankhamun to find the Cluetan crystal.
– AI9 (2‑6 players) Destroy the Articifial Intelligence taking over the world, before it destroys us all.
(Games: 1)
Black Hawk Laser Black Hawk Laser, Oswestry SY11 4AS. One game:
– The Temptress Diamond Mine (2‑6 players) Enter the mine, unlock the secrets and capture the diamond.
(Games: 2)
UK Escape Experience UK Escape Experience, Redditch B97 6DE. Two games:
– Tomb Challenge (2‑7 players) Escape the tomb before you’re trapped forever by the sand.
– Space Challenge (2‑7 players)
(Games: 4)
Immersive Events Immersive Events, Shrewsbury SY1 2HP. One game:
– Br-exit (2‑4 players) Escape Europe with as much money as possible.
Past games: The Hole
Adventure Vault Adventure Vault, Shrewsbury SY1 1DQ. Two games:
– The Scandal (2‑6 players) Enter the detectives office and figure out what really did happen to Lady Talbot and the missing diamond.
– The Beginning (2‑6 players) Escape the castle dungeon, complete the ritual and unleash the ancient plague Chimera upon your enemies.
(Games: 1)
Escape Nation Escape Nation, Stafford ST16 2LG. One game:
– The Citadel (2‑6 players) . Reviews: Review by Escape the Review
(Games: 11)
Escape Break Free Stoke Escape Break Free Stoke, Stoke on Trent ST5 1PT. Five games:
– Prison Break (2‑6 players) Escape from your cell before the prison guards return.
– Crime Scene: The Homicide Unit (2‑6 players) Gather evidence and escape a murderer’s trap.
– Safari Jungle (2‑6 players) Follow a treasure map to find untold wealth.
– Sherlock Holmes: The Scarlet Case (2‑6 players) Help Sherlock Holmes solve a murder mystery.
– Spy Mission: Knight Order (2‑6 players) Infiltrate a rogue agency’s safehouse and uncover the conspiracy against you.
Escape Stoke Escape Stoke, Stoke on Trent ST1 1DB. Six games:
– Da Vinci (2 copies, 2‑6 players) Break the codes, follow the clues and recover the holy grail.
– Area 51 (2‑6 players) Uncover the incident that’s been hidden away in a basement and determine whether or not it’s a conspiracy.
– Witchcraft and Wizardry (2‑6 players) Is it a test or is there something more sinister at work?
– Escape the Seven Seas (2‑6 players) Set the treasure free!
– Casino Heist (2‑6 players) Break into the casino and steal as many chips as you can.
– Taken (2‑5 players) Rescue the hostages and escape from the serial killer’s grasp.
(Games: 1)
Escape Rooms Stourbridge Escape Rooms Stourbridge, Stourbridge DY8 5AA. One game:
– Monthly escape room event (Up to 4 players) Various storylines – Thief, Murder Mystery, A Day at the Races, The Heist. Save Christmas.
(Games: 2)
Escape Live Stratford-upon-Avon Escape Live Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6LE. Two games:
– Chalice of Champions (2‑6 players) Find the artefact powerful enough to break the curse.
– Shakespeare’s Script (2‑6 players) Find the script and save the opening night.
(Games: 5)
Xscape Now Xscape Now, Telford TF1 5JD. Four games:
– Baker Street Mystery (2‑6 players) Bring the Baker Street Five to justice.
– Red Planet Panic (2‑6 players) After a huge meteor storm, you are left trapped on Mars – repair your ship before it’s too late.
– Houdini’s Mysterium (2‑6 players) Summon the spirit of Houdini to aid your escape.
– The Bank Job (2‑8 players) When it comes to robbing banks, John E. Cash is the man.
Past games: Xmas Xscapades
(Games: 8)
Clockwork Escapes Clockwork Escapes, Wolverhampton WV1 4HZ. Four games:
– Alleyway (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me One body. One killer. One hour to solve the case.
– Where there’s a will… (2‑6 players) Help to prevent Grannie’s scheming nephew claiming all her assets.
– Starpoint Alpha (2‑6 players). Reviews: Review by The Logic Escapes Me You are the station’s last hope.
– Sanctum (2‑6 players) If you leave a room alone long enough, it begins to become jealous.
Past games: The Nolan Exhibit
007 Escape Rooms 007 Escape Rooms, Wolverhampton WV1 4LG. Two games:
– Pussy Galore’s Flight School (2‑6 players)
– A Wizard’s World (2‑6 players) Gain a backdoor scholarship.
Chase the Escape Chase the Escape, Wolverhampton WV1 4HZ. One game:
– Raid the S.T.A.G.G (2‑6 players) Help a 1930s adventurer find the historic artifact.
(Games: 6)
CYBER Q Escape Rooms CYBER Q Escape Rooms, Worcester WR1 2RS. Four games:
– Mysterious Castle (2‑6 players) Stop the bloody countess before sunset
– Operation Deluge (2‑6 players) Stop Noah from blowing up the biggest dams in the world.
– Alice in Wonderland (2‑6 players) Alice is missing. Follow her into Wonderland to find out what happened.
– Crazy Scientist II: Project BIOWolf (2‑6 players) Investigate a top secret project to create super soldiers.
Past games: Demon Barber, Crazy Scientist

The following venues are announced but not yet available:

Closed games:

  • Alton Towers, Operation Lockdown (October 2015 to November 2015)
  • Birmingham, Panic! (June 2015 to September 2015)
  • Burton, Adventure Farm (July 2018 to September 2018)
  • Coventry, Mapcar Exit Coventry (February 2017 to February 2018)
  • Nuneaton, Escapism (June 2015 to July 2016)
  • Rugby, Get Out Alive (April 2018 to October 2018)
  • Stourbridge, Key Quest (July 2016 to May 2018)
  • Stratford-upon-Avon, Escape Live Resorts World (November 2018 to December 2018)
  • Wolverhampton, Room Release (November 2017 to October 2018)