These are the version 0.96 site policies for which are in operation until further notice.

Financial policy: is a non-commercial site with no sources of revenue. Specifically, this site does not accept paid advertising or sponsorship from operators or franchisors of exit games, or operators of puzzle hunts. Basically, you can’t bribe the site to say nice things about you – and, as a reader, you can feel confident that the site is not saying nice things about exit games (or puzzle hunts, or…) because the site is getting something out of it for doing so. The site will aim to stay on the right side of the divide between “being effusive about what the site really loves” and “unpaid advertising”, but this dividing-line will always remain a matter of opinion. Full disclosure: While the previous administrator never accepted free games, the current administrator has and does.

So why does this site exist? In order to learn more about cool games and make more friends; if you want to help, get in touch! If you send information about a deal in advance, so long as it’s not a deal that only this site gets to use, this site considers it not to be unethical to use it and this may well happen. Similarly, if you let this site know about a competition in advance, so long as it’s not a competition that only this site gets to enter, this site considers it not to be unethical to enter it.

When this site visits sites and plays in puzzle events, its representatives may book (and pay!) using names other than that of the webmaster, and its representatives may not identify themselves when we turn up to play. Be warned that every single party that visits your site might feature someone from the site and you might not know about it.

Site review policy: However, this is also – with some important qualifications – a non-review site. This site wants all the exit games and puzzle events to be gloriously successful. Accordingly, with qualifications, it is a policy of the site not to explicitly promote some games or hunts above others. What this means is this site will not declare that such-and-such a site “scores 98%” whereas another site “scores 97%” and thus the first site is clearly “better” than another. This site itself is also not going to declare a “best” site; this site wishes to support the industry at large. That said, invites its users to leave reviews and comments on individual sites and it’s an approach that seems to work well.

The major qualification is that this site considers it important and useful to recognise that different exit games (and puzzle hunts, etc.) have different strengths and weaknesses. This site will point them out as and when appropriate, though this site recognises that different people have different priorities and this site will not favour one set of priorities over another to declare an overall preference. This site may run articles comparing specific aspects of several different exit games and may express reasoned preferences in this regard, without extrapolating from a preference for a site in one specific regard to a preference for a site overall.

Submissions policy: This site may feature submissions from external writers and actively welcomes proposals from them. (Be warned, there’s no money in it; see the top of the page.) External writers are encouraged, but not required, to follow these policies; views expressed by external writers are purely their own and do not reflect the views of the site owner. Unsolicited submissions are welcome, but may not be published. Potential writers who disagree with these policies are invited to start their own site in competition. Make it so great that this site must link to it!

Copyright policy: Errors and omissions are excepted throughout the site. The site makes heavy use of public domain clip art from, and additionally may make incidental use of some graphical and textual content which remains the property of the copyright holder, under the principle of fair use. No challenge of ownership is intended or implied. This site disclaims responsibility for the content of comments posted to it and for the content of sites to which this site links.

Comments policy: We reserve the right to decline to publish any comments submitted to this site, without appeal. With regrets, you should expect your first comment to this site to be held in a moderation queue; subsequent comments should avoid such moderation. (Feel free to send e-mail if your comments continue to be held up by the spam trap.) This site is published in the United Kingdom; English law and generally accepted standards of conduct will apply, particularly – in theory – regarding to libel.

Comments on this policy by e-mail are very welcome.